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Citrus fruits like grapes, lemons, oranges, limes, and pomelo are known for their richness in vitamin C, one of the most vital elements in promoting the body’s immunity and improving the skin’s suppleness. There is a growing trend of people opting for fresh citrus juice instead of eating the fruits. In this regard, your ultimate guide to buying the best citrus juicer will help you make that decision and of course enjoy the value of your money.

This guide appreciates the existence of various juicer machines to handle fruits in the citrus family. At your disposal, you could consider purchasing an electric citrus juicer, a manual citrus juicer, and orange squeezer, or a citrus press juicer. Depending on your needs, you should be able to select the best juice machine. This could be influenced by the factors discussed below.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Citrus Juicer

When shopping for the best citrus juicer, you must consider a number of factors so that you can make the best choice for your juicing venture. They include:

1. Portability of the Juicer Machine

The ease of moving your citrus blender is an important factor to consider especially if you have varying juicing needs. The portability of a juicer is dependent on its unit size.

Therefore, smaller citrus juicers are ideal for mobile juicing ventures while bigger versions are appropriate for fixed-place citrus juicing. Additionally, you may want to opt for citrus juicers with handles if you intend to juice your fruits on the go.

2. Ease of Use

It’s appropriate to select a citrus juicer that will integrate seamlessly with your home or business infrastructure. In this category, you could consider a manual juicer, a simple hand juicer, or an electric citrus juicer.  Overall, your selection of the juicer machine will be dependent on the ease of operation.

Generally, electrically-operated citrus juicers have higher RPMs unlike their manual counterparts and thus preferable for speedy and voluminous juicing. 

3. Availability of Replacement Components

We cannot ignore the fact that any kitchen appliance, even a citrus juicer or a simple mini juicer, will break down or malfunction some day. For your juicing venture not to be severely affected by a minor failure, you should purchase a juice maker whose replacement parts are readily available in the market. For this reason, it’s advisable to opt for well-known or best seller brands.

The black and decker juicer will come in handy if you are spoilt for choices. For instance, it comes with two year warranty and useful when handling hard procuce such as carrots and celery. However, it feeding chute is relatively small and you may have to spend some time preparing the fruits and vegetables that ​you might want to juice.

Black and Decker Juicers are relatively noisy and the plastic parts may wear out after sometime. Nonetheless, it's an ideal juicer for a start. Some of the replacements parts that you may find yourself buying sooner than late​r include the ​fruit/​vegetable Feeder, the clear cover, ​the self ​reversing ​cone, and ​stainless ​steel ​cutter​ among others.

4. Capacity of the Citrus Juicer Container

The selection of the best juicer machine is dependent on the container volumes. For more successful shopping, consider the amount of juice you will require to produce and select a juicer machine whose capacity will satisfy your collection of the desired volume. A mini juicer would be the least consideration while the electrical citrus juicer or the electric orange juicer will lead the pack.

5. Warranty Length

This will not only guarantee you a long lasting citrus juicer but also provide you a soft cushion in case some uncalled for events require replacement of the faulty parts or a return the juicer for exchange.

For your selected juicer machine, the higher the warranty length, the reliable and durable the juicer is. Be sure to check for this factor before confirming your purchase.

Sometimes, the suppliers offer long warranties for juicer motors than other juicer components. In addition, the quality of the juicer- constituent material- usually determines the length of the warranty offered. Plastic cased juicers are likely to have shorter warranties than stainless steel citrus juicers.

6. Ease of Washing the Juicer Machine

Some citrus  juicers necessitate complete overhaul and dismantling for effective cleaning of the juicer components. This process is sometimes hectic and time-consuming. However, the dishwasher safe juicer machines eliminate the need for frequent disassembly of the  juicers’ parts.

7. Budget and Cost

Citrus juicers come in a myriad of brands, sizes, and specifications. It’s possible to be overwhelmed by the choice of juicers available in the market today. However, do not be discouraged because our reviews offer exhaustive pros and cons for the top ten citrus juicers.

You can effectively eliminate the choices by carefully considering your assigned budget and comparing it with the estimated cost on your list. Then, settle for the option that best fits within your budget while still satisfactorily serving your citrus juicing needs. A manual juicer, orange squeezer, or the hand juicer will be relatively cheaper compared to the electric orange juicer.

8. Pulp Regulator

This is a commonly overlooked feature in citrus juicers. The pulp regulator controls the fleshiness of the juice collected, thus enables you to produce pulp-free (smooth) juice or pulpy (thick) juice. In case you want to regulate your juice’s thickness, by all means, purchase a citrus juicer incorporated with a smoothly operating pulp regulator.

9. Physical Appeal

Remember your juicer machine will most probably be a permanent addition to your kitchenware. As such, the functioning should flawlessly complement your kitchen’s aesthetics.

To achieve this, we advise you to go for an option whose color, dimensions and general outlook appeal. Besides, possessing your favorite citrus juicer will make your juicing a more bespoke experience.

10. Noise Intensity

All juicers release some level of noise due to the movement of the chopping and squeezing components. However, electric juicers’ motor whine produces higher levels of noise than manually operated ones. Depending on your surroundings, the noise level should be an important pointer on the most suitable juicer.

For instance, a residence with a toddler may want to restrict their juicing to the manual option to offer more comfort to the baby while industrial and commercial citrus juicing call for electric citrus juicers.

11. Reviews, Testimonials, and Recommendations

It’s always wise to look at customer reviews and testimonials to have a more in-depth perspective of the various citrus juicers currently available in the market.

BLACK+DECKER CJ630 32-Ounce Electric Citrus Juicer Reviews

Courtesy of Amazon

These will not only provide detailed information on the operation, cost, and suitability of the various citrus juicers but also point you to the best brands, suppliers, and retailers of citrus juicers. You can check our reviews here.

Moreover, if you want a flawlessly functioning juicing machine, do not overlook your friends’ recommendations. Reach out to colleagues or peers who have purchased a citrus juicer and seek their advice on the factors to consider in your juicer purchase venture.

You will be surprised at the sea of valuable advice you will receive. Better, they may even provide a worthy referral to a suitable supplier or reliable retailer.

Final Note on Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Citrus Juicer

BLACK+DECKER CJ625 30-Watt 34-Ounce Citrus Juicer

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Purchasing a citrus juicer should be fun. Regardless, you should practice due diligence before putting your money on the table. In case you are purchasing your juicer online, remember to research suppliers carefully to ascertain their genuineness.

It will also serve you well to peruse the manufacturers’ manuals and guides to determine which type of juicer best fits your juicing escapades. I hope that this guide will point you in the right direction when looking for your best citrus juicer or any other juicer machine in the lemon/orange/citrus family. 


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