Have you heard about Juicero by Doug Evans? With the recent craze associated with juicing, many people are incorporating fresh pressed farm juice into their diet to supplement important minerals, nutrients, and antitoxins. Juicing is largely being adopted because of the convenience it offers- drinking vegetable and fruit juice infuses the minerals therein directly into your bloodstream. This might explain the recent entry of Juicero cold-pressed juicer machine, which is expected to revolutionize the future of juicing technologies.

juicero juicer machine

There are several juicers in the market today each uniquely equipped to juice a variety of farm produce. Let's delve into the recent Silicon Valley's juicer machine which has got tongues wagging for its technology, operability, and the price tag.

Is Juicero a worthy investment for your kitchen or office?

What is Juicero?

Juicero is an ultramodern juicer machine that incorporates cutting-edge technologies to extract fresh juice with unparalleled efficiency and ease. This seemingly unappealing kitchen appliance stands 16” tall, making it a bit bulky but it should fit on your countertop. Think of it as a gigantic efficient juicer.

Unlike other juicers that allow you to juice your preferred fruits, this juicer machine only juices produce contained in Juicero-specific IV bag-size sachets that retail for $4-$10. The juicer machine has some unusual tune-ups that place it higher than conventional juice extractors do in quality, cost and convenience hierarchies. It syncs with your Smartphone and home Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor and control your juicing remotely, within the network’s limits.

How Does Juicero Work?

Just like other juicer machines, Juicero takes different times to juice various farm produce. This depends on the nature of the produce- whether fibrous, stringy, leafy or soft. However, it takes substantially shorter time spans for juicing unlike conventional juicers.

Besides, Juicero eliminates the need for produce cleaning and prep. In essence, all the juicing produce is confined to sealed pre-packed pouches.

Using the cold press juicer guarantees the easiest juicing process. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

    1. Unpack the appliance
    2. Place it on your kitchen counter top or table
    3. Plug it into the power supply
    4. Open the door, fix the packet-produce and strategically locate the collecting glass for juice collection
    5. Close the door and press the only button on the juicer
    6. Wait about 2 minutes for the ping notifying you that the produce has completely been juiced
    7.  Open the Juicero and chuck the spent pouch
    8. Pick your ready juice for intake.

Juicero’s Development Journey

For many years, Slow Masticating Juicers and Keurigs have been praised as the most efficient juicers available. Juicero founder and CEO Doug Evans came up with an incredible idea to develop the perfect juicer . He teamed up with other juicer specialists and Silicon Valley masterminds to produce the juice extractor.

The production plant is based in three extensive warehouses in Bay Area, San Francisco. The factory is composed of a Juicero parts manufacturing plant, an assembly facility, and testing unit. The sachets are also prepared within these warehouses.

After 39 months of incredible design, structuring, construction, improvement and elimination of 12 prototypes, Evan’s team unveiled Juicero. It is touted as the world’s fastest, most efficient and most adaptable juicer machine. With new juice extractor, juicing takes about 2 minutes for pouches containing hard produce while soft produce sachets take relatively shorter to juice.

How Much Does Juicero Cost?

As a high-end kitchen appliance, Juicero’s price tag has been its greatest buyer deterrent. The $700 initial quote has been a forbidding figure for some time now. However, company made an astounding turn around on Black Friday by announcing a drastic slash in its price.

As of May 2017, it goes for a more considerate $399. This is a monumental price drop that has been hugely attributed to increased high profile entities like Campbell Soup Company and Google Ventures backing the project with hefty funding.

In a recent blog post, the Juicero team said, “Inspired by your love for Juicero, and with our eyes on a mission to power the plant-based revolution, we decided to lower the price of our press…” However, the pouches still retail at additional prices of $4 to $10 each.

What Are Juicero Sachets?

Juicero pouches

With ordinary juicers, you can acquire your veggies and fruits direct from a farm or a grocery store. However, with Juicero, you must use the pre-stashed packets. These are one-serving sachets containing fresh, cleaned and chopped farm produce. This is specially prepared and packed in Juicero’s warehouses for the unique cold pressed juicer.

The sachets are labeled with the vegetable or fruits’ names and nutritional values to guide you on the health benefits you’ll get from the juice.

Besides, a unique Quick Response (QR) code is embedded into the pouches for the following functions:

    1. Identifying the packet as a genuine Juicero product. It contains a QR code scanner that ascertains every pouch’s authenticity before juicing. The company manufactures the  genuine sachets.
    2. Determining the produce within the packet. When it scans the QR code, it determines its expiry date. If the produce has exceeded its shelf life, the juicer machine rejects the sachet immediately. This saves you from possible contamination or food poisoning.

    Another benefit of Juicero pouches relates to the aeration apertures that they contain. These breathing holes keep the veggie and fruit produce fresh and the nutrients are conserved. On environmental safety, the sachets are made of biodegradable material.

    The Juicero App

    For convenience, today’s lifestyle demands every user-friendly appliance to have some level of remote control. Juicero App allows you the privilege of linking with your juicer machine using your mobile device (Smartphone or tablet) via Wi-Fi. This way, you can comfortably discharge your juicing duties from anywhere within the network’s coverage.

    By using the app, you can accurately plan your juicing regimens to include automated deliveries.

Advantages of Juicero Cold Pressed Juicer

The description thus far shows that this could be a God-sent kitchen appliance. Although it’s not a perfect juicer machine, Juicero presents some unique benefits that include:

  1. Ease of use: The juicer is doubtlessly the easiest juicer appliance in the market. You just insert the produce packet, press the button and wait for your juice to extract within 2 minutes.
  2. Expedited Juicing Process: With Juicero, you will be able to juice within a short 2 minutes- with minimal effort!
  3. Produce necessitates no prep as it’s already chopped and packaged at Juicero’s warehouses.
  4. There’s no need for washing either the juicer or produce. The fruits and veggies have already been washed at the preparation facility before packing.
  5. Juicero’s efficiency is unequaled. Each small fruit or vegetable packet that goes in yields a whole glass of juice. The dry pulp in used pouches is concrete evidence of Juicero’s effectiveness.
  6. Unlike Keurigs, a Juicero doesn’t require you to add water during juicing.
  7. The juice produced is very smooth and well mixed. Unlike juice from several other juicers, it doesn’t ‘settle’ even after being stored for a few hours.
  8. Juicero stays spotless during and after juicing- no stains whatsoever!
  9. Automated On-Time Juicing: Using the Juicero app, you now have the benefit of programming your juicing regimens into your Smartphone. Later, you can send the juicing command via WiFi.
  10. A recent price cut in April has seen the cost of Juicero fall from a staggering $700 to a more manageable $399 . This means that more people can now easily afford it. The prospects of further price drops cannot be downplayed.

Disadvantages of Juicero Machine

Some details about Juicero cannot ignored despite the benefits it offers as Silicon Valley product. Some of the cons associated with this juicer machine include: 

  1. Juicero is associated with additional costs and buying it may be a recipe to additional money woes. Whether you grow your produce or have a convenient grocery store, you must to purchase its pouches. Therefore, the need for an alternative juicer machine beckons.
  2. The 16” high appliance is quite bulky- it will occupy a huge chunk of your counter top or you may have to get it a small table. Either way, it takes up some visible kitchen space.
  3. It’s practically impossible to juice anything outside Juicero sachets. The QR code restricts juicing to them only. Therefore, you may have to purchase another juicer for your favorite vegetables and fruits.
  4. Juicing exclusively sweet produce continuously for long is attracting disaster to your health. You will be exposing yourself to possible kidney failure and diabetes.​

Where Can You Purchase The Juicero?

Until recently, Juicero was available exclusively on the West Coast. As of May 2017, you can conveniently order online in 17 US states including  Utah, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Arkansas, and Idaho. Others include Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Oregon, and Nebraska. The recent price reduction together with the expansion of the company's retail centers will help juicing enthusiasts access the juicer more conveniently.

Final Thoughts

juicero machine and sachets

​Juicero cold press juicer is an appliance to reckon with in the juicing industry. It has paved the way for instantaneous stainless and on-time juicing. Besides the suavity of its juice, it has introduced convenience never witnessed before in juicing with its remote access inclusion. It’s safe to say its boons outweigh the mishaps it presents by far.

For high-end juicers who fancy top-class household or office-juicing, Juicero is the train to hop on safe for the price, which still requires some review. With the recent price reduction, we are bound to witness more juicing enthusiasts adopting it as their favorite juicer.

Given time and improvements, Juicero could be a serious competitor to Masticating Slow Juicers or centrifugal juicers. Aspects like popularity, pricing, and frequency of usage are important parameters.


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