If you are a home juicing fan, the best juicer machine is a must-have in your kitchen. It will help you extract your juices and smoothies more easily. If you do not have a functional juicer, you will end up hating the whole process.

You will also waste a lot of time trying to make a simple smoothie or juice. Before long, you will find the process cumbersome and stop enjoying your homemade juices. If you are disappointed by your current juicer or planning to upgrade, do not repeat the same mistake once more.

Using the following juicer features, you can buy the best juicer machine that will suit your needs and make your juicing experience an amazing one.

1. Foam Separator

If you are looking for a juicer that can blend and juice at the same time, then you need one that has a foam separator. This feature will make juicing easier and fun for you. When you want to prepare a simple juice, you can enjoy it without the need to pass the juice through a sieve.

You will waste too much of your time with such a cumbersome process. However, with a foam separator, you can enjoy your juice without the pulp parts and in its liquid. You will not enjoy such a drink if your juicer does not come with a foam separator.

2. The Best Juicer Machine is Leak Proof

A juicer may look so stylish but fail to perform the essential functions. Once you place your ingredients on the juicer and start mixing them, your juice starts leaking through the base. If you have such a juicer, you will waste a lot of juice and make the process quite messy.

Before making the purchase, ensure the juicer does not leak by reading through customer reviews. Where possible, you can request the dealer to test the gadget before making the purchase.

3. Pulp Separator

If you go for the juicer with a pulp separator, you can switch from smoothies to juices effortlessly. The pulp separator gives your juicer a versatility function making it ideal for everyday use. Any time you wish to make your juice, you just add the pulp separator and enjoy your juice.

4. The Best Juicer Machine has High Wattage

The best juicer machine should come with a high wattage of at least above five hundred watts to enable you juice and crush a variety of fruits. Such a gadget will make it possible for you to crush nuts, ice, extract juices from leafy vegetables and give you a dry pulp after the juicing process.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

You will get all the water content from your juicer within a short time, and you can use the dry pulp to make your salads. A good example is the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite which always with 1000-Watt driven motors but anything above 400-Watts is enough to satisfy your juicing needs.

Since we tend to juice bulky and hard produce, always go for the juicer with a higher wattage and your won't be disappointed. 

5. Speed

The best juicer machine should have speed options for different types of fruit juices and smoothies. Not all types of fruit will require the same speed when preparing. Check out for one that has low to medium and high-speed options. With such a juicer machine, you can select the speed options to use accordingly. For vegetables such as carrots, you can use the high-speed option while chunks of mangoes will do with low to medium speed.

6. Safety locks

The best juicer machine should come with safety locks to protect the user and the juicer. If you buy one lacking this feature, you risk an explosion, especially if wrongly assembled or in case of overheating. Such a juicer is too dangerous to use and can cause accidents.

7. Material

Check whether the juicer machine is made of a suitable material that you like. The best juicer machine should ideally be made of stainless steel. It will not rust due to the acidity from some of the fruits and vegetables. Stainless steel will also last long, and you will enjoy value for your money.

8. Eco-friendly

Before making your purchase, check juicer brands that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly juicers come with an energy star rating. Such a juicer will not use too much energy, yet it will deliver optimal results. It will also have low levels of noise.

You do not want to turn your house into a factory with a very noisy juicer or let all your neighbors know that you are juicing. Therefore, go for a juicer that has low noise levels and can help you conserve power.

Final Comments​

Take time to compare different juicers and read an online review of the best brands available within your budget. Since you are making an investment by purchasing the best juicer machine, you should also be ready to part with a good amount of money. Set aside a budget and go for the best. You will experience a hustle free juicing with the right gadget.


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