seven-day juice diet plan

If you are planning to start a cleansing program, you are on the right track to staying and living healthy. After the cleansing program, your body will feel lighter and more vibrant. During the period, ensure you stick to your diet if you wish to realize better results.

You can also incorporate a few light exercises in your plan for better results. If you are not sure where to start on your seven-day juice diet plan, the following guide will be helpful. Keep in mind that personal disciple is essential if you want to realize and enjoy the maximum benefits during this period.

Day 1: Banana Juice Recipe

This recipe is a good start for your seven-day juice diet plan as it prepares the body for the program.

You need the following items:

Ø Two small bananas

Ø One green apple

Ø 6 mangoes

Ø A cup of pomegranate seeds

Ø Three big carrots

Ø Two stalks of spinach

Ø Two stalks of celery

Ø 2 cucumbers


I. Start by preparing all the ingredients as required.

II. Cut the mangoes into small pieces, and dice the carrots into cubes.

III. Slice the ripe bananas and cut the celery and the spinach into small pieces.

IV. Peel the cucumbers thinly and slice into small pieces.

V. Place all the ingredients in your juicer. Do not use the high-speed button on your juicer for this recipe. Allow the ingredients to mix slowly. You will get a smooth product at the end of the process.

Enjoy this juice in the morning for your breakfast and remember to take a glass of water.

Day 2: Beet Juice Cleanse

Beet juice is an excellent option to maintain our seven-day juice diet plan on the second day. It is healthy for the liver and kidneys besides cleansing your digestive system.


Ø 2 beetroots

Ø 2 carrots

Ø Two celery stalks

Ø One medium sized ginger

Ø Half a lemon

Ø One green apple

Ø Peel the beetroots and dice into small pieces


I. Wash and chop the carrots

II. Slice the ginger into small pieces and cut the lemon into small pieces.

III. Add all the ingredients in your juicer and allow them to mix for around three to five minutes.

Enjoy your drink. It is ideal in the mid-morning after your breakfast

Day 3: Rich Green Juice Cleanse

Getting essential nutrients from your food is not easy since we lose most of the nutrients during the preparation stage. Taking them fresh from the garden and in their natural state will supply your body with goodness and rich nutrients.

To enjoy the potent green drink, you need the following;

Ø A bunch of fresh spinach

Ø Coriander leaves

Ø One lemon

Ø 2 cucumbers

Ø A cup of mint leaves

Ø One ginger

Ø One green apple


I. Wash all the ingredients.

II. Cut the spinach and the coriander leaves into small pieces.

III. Peel the cucumber and dice; Peel the ginger and chop into small pieces.

IV. Slice the apples and the lemon.

V. Add all the ingredients into your juicer or blender and allow mixing for three minutes.

VI. Serve when ready. For an excellent effect, you can mix the red and green apples.

Green apples help stimulate digestive juices, while the red ones are good sources of antioxidants. Taking such a combo will work perfectly for your digestive system and cleanse your body thereby supplementing other recipes within your seven-day juice diet plan.

The mint leaves in the juice are an excellent taste enhancer and will also work well with ginger to suppress your appetite during your diet plan period. The cucumber will help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Day 4: Ginger Combo

You may not like the taste especially if you are a starter. With time, it will taste awesome, and you will even crave for this amazing and healing drink.


Ø 3 carrots

Ø Two yellow grapefruits

Ø Two pieces of ginger

Ø One turmeric

Ø Half a cup of galangal

Ø Two lemons


I. Wash the ingredients.

II. Slice the carrots into small pieces, or you can toss them in your juicer.

III. Peel the grapefruits and slice into small pieces, peel and chop the ginger, turmeric and the galangal, cut the lemons cut into small pieces.{you do not have to peel the lemons}

IV. Juice them for two to three minutes or until ready.

V. Serve chilled.

The juice comes with natural goodness that is beneficial to your body. The ginger, turmeric and the galangal all work together to strengthen your immune system and are also has anti-inflammatory proprieties. The grapefruits have high fiber content but low in calories. The work well in improving your digestion and makes your seven-day juice diet plan and all rounded one in terms of benefits beyond cleansing.

Day 5: Strawberry Cucumber Juice

What You Need

Ø Two cups of strawberries

Ø Two large cucumbers

Ø One red apple

Ø Two large carrots


I. Wash the ingredients.

II. Chop the carrots, cucumbers and the apple.

III. Mix all the produce and pass them through your juicer.

Serve when ready. You can add some ice cube if you want it chilled

The juice is loaded with calories to energize and keep you active throughout the day.

Day 6: Spinach Apple Juice


Ø 2 cups spinach

Ø Two peeled grapefruits

Ø Three green apples

Ø Two pieces of peeled ginger

Ø Three stalks of celery


I. Wash all the items and prepare them accordingly

II. Mix all the ingredients in your juicer and allow mixing for three to five minutes.

III. Serve with ice cubes if you wish to enjoy the juice chilled.

The juice is a green powerhouse and has calcium vitamins A and C. The associated antioxidants are also helpful in detoxifying your body.

Day 7: Tomato Vegetable Juice Cleanse


Ø Two cups chopped romaine

Ø Half cup diced chives

Ø Three diced tomatoes

Ø Half jalapeno stemmed and without the seeds

Ø One large pepper

Ø Three stalks of chopped celery

Ø Two chopped carrots


I. Pass all the ingredients through your juicer and allow mixing for about four to five minutes or until ready.

II. Serve immediately.

The juice has all the healthy salads. It will also help boost your digestive system.

Final Comments

For your seven-day juice diet plan to be successful, you will require a good juicer. In case you do not have one already or you plan to enjoy the health benefits of home juicing and smoothie making, it is time you owned a robust juicer that will serve your needs.

You can start by checking our juicer reviews for a wide selection of juicers and choose what suits you best.

Once you start enjoying your juices and smoothies, you will feel more energized and healthier. Ensure the juice plan is a routine you can repeat every month for optimal results.


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