Best Juicers Reviews – Top Rated Juicing Machines on the Market

Are you tired of looking for the best juicers for your home or commercial use? Juicing has become a popular fitness practice in recent years. With lifestyle diseases affecting many people across the globe, people are looking for healthy eating habits, and juicing provides the means to do this.

You can hardly attain your desired goals unless you get yourself one of the top rated juicers and some element of commitment. It is hard to underestimate the effect a healthy glass of juices, loaded with vitamins and nutrients can do to your body. 

Image of Cold Pressed Juicer and juices

For one, your skin suddenly has this ‘hard to ignore glow’ and you feel energized to start your day. People around you can notice the difference; perhaps you were lethargic a few weeks ago, but you now look great.

Simply search ‘juicing’ on the web and you will realize how many and how hard people are striving towards healthy living.

Juicing is exciting but selecting a good juicer can make the difference between reaching your goals and failing. Do not worry. We have your back with this exciting best juicing machines reviews.

We have taken time to test some of the top juicers on the market to present to you a comprehensive guide to help you select the best juice extractor ideal for your needs and budget. Overall, the options revolve around slow and centrifugal juicers.

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Top Juicers Comparison and Rating Table

JuicerFeaturesMotor SpeedWarrantyRatingWhere to Buy
Hurom H101  Slow JuicerSingle auger + Perfect for Hard Fruits + Homogenizer  43 RPM10 Year Limited WarrantyCheck on Amazon
photo of Omega J8004 whiteOmega NC900HDC JuicerJuicer+ Mincer+ Baby Food Processor+ Coffee Grinder80 RPM15 YearsCheck on Amazon
Image of Hamilton Beach Juicer Hamilton Beach 67650AGood for Fruits, and vegetables + 3″ feed ChuteUnspecified3 Year Limited WarrantyCheck on Amazon
Photo of Breville 800CPXLBreville 800CPXLCitrus Press + Whisper-Quiet Motor + Stainless Steel Juicing ConeUnspecified1 Year WarrantyCheck on Amazon
Image of Breville 800JEXL with fruitsBreville 800JEXLJuicer + Food Processor6,500 RPM and 13,000 RPM1 Year WarrantyCheck on Amazon
Photo of Breville JE98XL JuicerBreville JE98XLFor harder fruits and vegetables + Central Feed System + Nutri Disc6,500 RPM and 12,000 RPM1 Year Limited WarrantyCheck on Amazon
Photo of Omega juicerOmega NC800 HDSDual-Stage Extrtaction+ Masticating + Baby Food Maker+ Adjustable Settings80 PRM15 YearsCheck on Amazon
Photo of XPUSA Commercial JuicerXPUSA Orange Auto Feed Squeeze 20-22 Oranges Per MinsUnspecifiedUnspecifiedCheck on Amazon
Omega VRT350Juicer+ Mincer+ Food Processor80 RPM15 YearsCheck on Amazon
Photo of Tribest Slowstar black and resdTribest Slowstar SW-2000Juicer + Mincer + Food Homogenizer + 3-Stage Gears47 RPM10 YearsCheck on Amazon

Best Juicing Machines Reviews – We Compare Top Juicers Brands For The Money

Omega VRT 350Center

Reasons To Buy:

  • Tranquil no one will know what you are doing in the kitchen
  • It does not produce that juice foam that many people dislike
  • Energy efficient while maximizing output
  • Can handle a variety of foods from nuts to baby food to herbs

This comes as one of the best-rated juicer machines on the market for various reasons, we’ll tell you why. For one, when you are selecting the right appliance, you need something that does not operate at such a high speed that all the essential nutrients are lost in the process.

As one of the best slow-masticating juicers, it operates at a moderate speed of 80 RPM. All your nutrients and enzymes will remain intact within the juice. Slow juicing machines are also known as cold presses.

The low speeds also reduce excessive heat buildup that can cause oxidation. Oxidation is not good because it means that fantastic drink you have just prepared will go bad quickly.

Low speeds for are not necessarily bad because it allows the juicer to squeeze the fruits instead of grinding. The product has a natural taste, retains its color with all the nutrients and enzymes.

 You will be surprised at how quiet the extractor is, making it ideal for home use; you do not want to distract the kids as they do their homework. The cold press juicer uses an efficient dual-stage motor that is powerful enough to break hard foods while using the least power.

We were very impressed with the variety of foods that J8006 as a good example of cold press juicers, could handle. You can mix coffee, spices, baby food, and frozen desserts to whip out soya. The juice extractor ensures that you maximize your juice yields from a minimum amount of food. Omega J8006 comes with a 15-year warranty which is unheard of because most kitchen appliances boost of a maximum of two years, which makes it one of the best juicers that you can ever buy.

Photo of Breville 800JEXL and fruits

Breville 800JEXL

Reasons To Buy

  • Dual speed control makes it suitable for juicing leafy greens and hard vegetables
  • Durable Titanium reinforced blades efficiently work through the produce extracting the most juice
  • Large feed chute allows whole fruits to be blended; this also saves time
  • Overload protection feature protects the extractor from damage
  • Easy to clean, BPA-free parts

If you are confused about which juicer to purchase for your vegetables – due to the varying coarseness – then the Breville centrifugal machine is a perfect choice. The extractor uses a 1000-watt motor with dual-speed controls.

For instance, if you have soft vegetables like tomatoes you can run them at low speeds of 6,500 RPM while using the high 13,000 RPM for harder vegetables and fruits. With a wide chute feed area, you can blend most of your vegetables without cutting.

As a rule, begin with the soft vegetables and gradually increase the speeds as you continue blending.

When you purchase a juicing machine, there is usually a concern on how long the blades will last before sharpening. The Breville blades are made from durable titanium reinforced steel blades that remain sharper for more extended periods.

You can feed whole fruits and vegetables through the circular 3-inch feed tubes. If you are running late, then it comes out as the best centrifugal juicer and an excellent companion. The majority produce much juice within a short time; the Breville juicer guarantees all this. With a patented central feed system, you can extract all the juice that you want. A large one-liter jug with a froth separator ensures that your family will enjoy a delicious glass of freshly made juice.

Photo of Breville 800CPXL
Best Juicer

Breville 800CPXL

Reasons to Buy:

  • Elegant design that is made from stainless steel
  • You can remove each component for easy cleaning
  • The whisper, quiet motor enables you to watch some news as you blend juice
  • Drip stop juice sprout prevents spillage and dripping
  • Can accommodate different types of citrus fruits

Check Price Here

You may be asking, for another Breville product again! We could not afford to omit this appliance from our list because it’s the best citrus juicer in the market and contributes a lot to your thirst for lemon, orange, and lime juices.

The first thing that draws you to this juicing macing is the stainless steel design. It looks very professional and you can carry it to your office. Do you want to make your citrus juice, while following your favorite TV shows? The Breville juicer has a whisper quiet motor that handles well. It is so quiet no one will know what you are doing.

The citrus press juicer can be hard for people with arthritis and back problems to squeeze juice from their favorite fruits. You need the nutrients, but the strain is too much. The juicer machine has an innovative design that lets you strategically place grapes, cut oranges, and lemons on its plate.

It then requires little effort to push the fruit down. You are also able to get the very last drop from your fruit. This has cost benefits, and you get to feed the whole family without needing a refill. The soft rubber grip ensures your hand does not slip while squeezing juice. A drip-stop juice sprout ensures that there will be no spillage or unwanted drippings after making your favorite juice. For increased pulp control, the best citrus juicers especially from Breville have large mesh filters.

XPUSA Commercial Machine

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is the best juicer for commercial use squeezing up to 22 oranges per minute
  • Durable design for long-term use
  • Cut off switch for enhanced safety – cannot run without cover
  • Moderate power consumption at 120 watts
  • Has the ability to squeeze large oranges
Photo of XPUSA Commercial Juicer

Oranges are some of the most popular fruits in the world. People from almost every part of the world take orange juice in various forms. If you have a restaurant, then the home-based juicers will not be able to quench your customer’s thirst.

Commercials as the name suggests is not for home use. They are bulky, sturdier, and produce many juices for your clientele. They also last longer, ensuring that you benefit from cost savings.

With XPUSA, you can squeeze 20 to 22 oranges in less than a minute; this gives you an average of 4 to 7 glasses of fresh juice. If you have not placed the cover correctly, it will not operate due to a safety feature. The commercial orange juicer is ideal for large families, coffee cafes, and restaurants, and for use during significant events. The juicing machine is efficient and squeezes an orange to the last drop. It uses 120 Watts of power and squeezes oranges 1.6” to 3.6”.

Hamilton Beach 67650A

Reasons to Buy:

  • The wide three-inch chute saves you time cutting vegetables and fruits
  • Easy to clean dishwasher-friendly parts
  • Powerful 800 watts motor can handle hard foods
  • Stainless steel straining basket makes it rust free
Image of Hamilton Beach Juicer

Check Price Here

One significant advantage of having a large chute is that you do not spend a lot of time cutting your vegetables and fruits. If you are those people who find themselves short of time on a daily basis, then this is an ideal machine for you courtesy of a powerful 800 watts motor. It is one of the best-rated affordable juicers that you can ever acquire. 

This is great for those hard vegetables like beet, carrots, and cucumber. Since the pulp is completely removed, you can use it for your best juice recipes.

After preparing your juice, you can quickly remove dishwasher-safe parts for cleaning. Assembly of the parts is straightforward, and you should be back to juicing in minutes. The purpose of getting a juice machine is to make the most of the nutritional content found in fruits and vegetables. The Hamilton Beach juicer has a big mouth that ensures you get your daily servings of 6 to 10 ounces per serving – about 175 to 300 millimeters of juice. The product is the most budget-friendly on the market.

Photo of silver Breville   Juicer and jug

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

Reasons to Buy:

  • Dual speed control for handling hard vegetables and fruits
  • Reduced chances of oxidation due to efficient heat management
  • Large three-inch feeding tube saves chopping time
  • Safety lock mechanism with auto overloading feature
  • Powerful 850-watt motor handles all types of vegetables

A key factor when looking for the best juicer extractor is how long it takes to make your favorite juice. The Breville comes with a wide3-inch feeder that accommodates most of your vegetables and fruits.

Once you press the start button, you should get your 8 oz of fresh juice within 5 seconds. A micromesh filter design ensures that it extracts 30 percent more juice.

We ranked this appliance as the best vegetable juicer in handling all types of due to the dual-speed motor. The strategy is to cut vegetables at varying speeds.

For soft vegetables, you can set the juicer at a slow speed of 6,500 RPM while hard vegetables like carrots and ginger can be cut at 12,000 RPM.

Many Breville juicers capable of such speeds generate a lot of heat, but the JE98XL Fountain creates an efficient 1.8 Fahrenheit. This reduces the chances for oxidation and keeps the naturally occurring enzymes enabling you to make some of your best juice recipes.

Breville JE98XL juicer is easy to assemble making and clean thus suitable for newbies. Consisting of five separate parts, you can dismantle these parts quickly and take them for a wash. The parts are also dishwasher safe. Its sensor takes care of overloading while the cord is designed in such a way that it easily wraps at the bottom hence preventing accidents.

Photo of Omega juicer for wheatgrass

Omega NC800 HDS Juice Extractor

Reasons to Buy:

  • The dual-stage masticating feature ensures that you can make juice off your wheatgrass
  • Extended warranty period at 15 years
  • More extract due to the adjustable end cap
  • With the blank plate, you can add your nutritional content by adding items like soya milk and nut butter
  • Large chute reduces the process of cutting foods

Check Price Here

Majority of the Omega juicers can handle fruits and vegetables that we use every day, but the Omega juicer takes this further to – wheatgrass. Instead of running the pulp over the juice extractor several times to get juice from leafy veggies and wheatgrass, this one does it only once.

With a low RPM of 80, it reduces heat and oxidation leading to healthy, nutritional juice drinks.

Some on modifications enable it to produce 20 percent more juice than competitors and previous models. First, it has a larger chute that is 1.5 inches in diameter. This reduces the time one takes cutting up ingredients.

You also get a dual masticating extraction, which produces more juice. A blank plate expands the kind of ingredients you can add to your juice like nut butter, baby food, and soymilk among others. Omega juicers have some of the most extended warranties in the market at 15 years. This ensures that you will find spare parts for broken pieces during this period. For the best juice drinks, the NC800 HDS has an adjustable cap with five settings. A 2HP motor powers this.

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

Reasons to Buy:

  • Substantial warranty of 10 ten years for parts and service
  • Powerful 650-watt motor handles green juices well
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Easy to clean and assemble

Check Price Here

This commercial appliance weighs 23 pounds making it heavy. The Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer cold press comes out as one of the top-rated juicers from the company.

Once you purchase this juice extractor, you get a ten-year warranty – 10 years for parts, three for the motor, and one year for the cutting blade. This allows you to make as much juice as you want with no worries about the destruction of parts.

To ensure that you feel up your glass with fresh juice, the juicer comes with a powerful 650-watt motor. Although you have an extended warranty, the stainless steel blades are sturdy enough to last for years. You can make baby food, ice cream, and butter. The dishwasher parts make it easy to clean the juicer with a short assembly time.


Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow SW-2000

Reasons to Buy:

  • Slowest RPM in the industry, this minimizes oxidation hence preserving nutrient content
  • Has a fine strainer that can handle a variety of foods
  • Duo blade auger for fast juice production
  • Has a powerful yet efficient motor that produces two to three more torque than competitors

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To produce the most nutritious juice, the machine needs to operate at a low speed. The Slowstar juicer does precisely this and more. Running at 47 RPM – the slowest in this review – it can make juice that is fresh with minimal oxidation.

This does not mean you will spend a lot of time making your favorite juice. With a duo blade auger, it can reduce juicing time while retaining nutrients. Now, that is a good deal.

It is the best juicer for newbies. Standing at 18 inches tall this extractor is very quiet – your kids will not realize you are in the kitchen. An additional mincing attachment makes it great for your frozen sorbets or salsas. We were impressed with its conveniently placed juice cap that enables you to switch between containers while mixing juices.What makes this the best Slowstar juicer is its efficient motor. By using three-stage reduction gears, the motor produces 200 watts of power, which enhances torque to thrice over the competitors. You also get a ten-year warranty with each purchase.

photo of Omega J8004 white

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

Reasons to Buy:

  • Low RPM ensures reduced oxidation and preserving juice nutrients
  • Suitable for leafy vegetables like wheatgrass as it ensures all the juices have been extracted
  • High juicing yields evidenced by dry pulp
  • Efficient dual-stage motor
  • Easy to assemble and clean courtesy of the dishwasher-friendly parts

Check Price Here

Speed is usually a determining factor when you are looking for a juicing machine. Oxidation destroys essential enzymes that are critical to maintaining the nutritional content of juices. Centrifugal juicers perform poorly when it comes to nutrient preservation.

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor operates at a low speed of 80 RPM. This ensures that there is minimal heat buildup hence a reduction in oxidation. If you are a health freak who is very particular about calories, then it is a sure buy.

When you are looking for a juicing plan, get one that incorporates all the ingredients. With the Omega juicer, you can mix your leafy vegetables, wheatgrass, and fruits into one mix.

You can check the high-yielding juice by the look of the pulp, i.e., it’s very dry. This is courtesy of an automatic pulp feature that ensures continuous juicing. Besides, as one of the best wheatgrass juicers, it has an efficient dual-stage motor. You can also use the slow juicer as a food processor. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor can turn nuts into butter and makes an excellent companion when you are making baby food given its cold pressing capability.

Types of Juicers

If you have been surfing lately, then you should have noticed that juicing is trending. Eating healthy and drinking juices and smoothies are the new “cool.” Most of us are familiar with the process of juicing but are clueless about the types of juicers available in the market. Before you break your appliance with the wrong ingredients, you may want to learn the various categories.


Photo of Breville BJE200XL

You will find this appliance in most homes. It uses centrifugal force to separate juice and flesh. The mechanism isn’t rocket science. Place your vegetables and fruits on the mesh filter, and a fast-spinning blade cuts the ingredients into small bits.

According to CNET, The pulp will sieve through the strainer basket leaving behind the pulp. Cooler versions have a ‘pulp ejector’ that ejects the pulp from the sieve when it is full.

For those that lack this feature, then you need to oversee the sieve so that you can empty the strainer basket when it’s full. It could affect the taste of juice.

The centrifugal juicers operate like blenders so expect a lot of noise. Due to the high blade speeds – between 3,000 and 16,000 RPMs – they produce some heat. This causes oxidation. Oxidation is not good as it destroys enzymes in the juice.

You will get juices that have a lower nutritional value than the cold press ones! If you are in the market looking for the best centrifugal juicer consider the blade speed, the noise produced, feed chute size, and warranty coverage.


  • They are easy to assemble and use, which contributes to their popularity in most homes
  • You save time in preparation due to the large feeding chute – no cutting of fruits and vegetables
  • If you are new to juicing, then they are ideal for beginners
  • Centrifugal force ensures fast juice formation


  • Generate lots of heat which result in oxidation – this can destroy enzymes
  • They are very noisy
  • The high speed produces a lot of foam
  • The pulp usually has a lot of juice in them – which leads to low juice yields
  • Juice is often too watery due to separation with pulp
  • Rapid oxidation means that the juice cannot last for long

Masticating aka Cold Press 

photo of omega juicer with carrots

The main component in the slow juicers is the auger. In layman’s terms, an auger is a drilling device, which crushes the fruits against its walls and pressed for a higher juice yield with all the nutrients that you need.

A wire-mesh holds the pulp in place while the juice filters through. Consumer Reports show that the process is slow with most masticating juicers having speeds of 80 to 100 RPMs. These speeds produce little heat that can harm the enzymes and you can extract more minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Be sure to check the pulp at the end of the process when operating slow juicers. You will notice that it is very dry. With a cold press, you get 15 to 20 percent more juice than a centrifugal one thus making this type some of the top-rated juicers on the market.


  • More juice is retained
  • The slow speeds reduce oxidation, which preserves the enzymes
  • Less noise
  • In the end, it is more economical with a rise in prices for fruits and vegetables
  • You can process your favorite nuts and almonds
  •  The juice extractor is durable and lasts longer due to slow operation


  • Can be problematic juicing leafy greens
  • Requires more prep time because of the slow action

Manually Operated

Most millennials would not be familiar with the manual citrus juicer. Growing up this was the most popular juicing machine that I had encountered. The juicing process is fairly simple. Cut your orange or lemon fruit into two halves and press one half onto the juicer, and you have some delicious juice. All you have to remember is to cut your oranges or lemons across the middle so that it perfectly fits the tip. No batteries, no power – it operates through your sheer hand force; it is one of the best citrus juicers you can ever own.

image of manual juicer with cut fruits


  • Simple and cost-friendly
  • The juice retains all the nutrients required
  • Lightweight making it suitable for camp drives


  • Limited choice of ingredients – mostly used for citrus fruits
  • You use a lot of effort
  • Less juice is produced due to size and capacity

When buying an ideal juicing appliance, the choice is between the centrifugal and the cold press ones. If you want to maximize the nutrient extraction, go with the masticating juicer. As a newbie to juicing, I would recommend you start with the centrifugal before upgrading to the masticating type. The downside is that you cannot do juicing while still watching your favorite shows on Netflix – the noise borders deafening.

Choosing the Best Juicing Appliance

Before you venture into the market for the right juicer, you may want to sit down with a pen and paper and decide what type of fruits and vegetables you will be juicing. Do you plan to add your favorite almond nuts there too?

 It can be frustrating getting all excited about juicing, and after you have bought this amazing product online, it breaks down when you are having the time of your life.

Do not worry. Our review process identifies some essential features you must consider before acquiring the best juicer on the market.

Choice of Ingredients

photo of juicer and fruits

This is perhaps the most critical factor you must consider before selecting a juice extractor. Do you know that you cannot use your citrus press for any other fruits and veggies?

Some centrifugal juicers in the market promise to do this but take this information with caution. They can extract some juice, but they often leave most of it in the pulp collector. If you plan to do leafy greens, consider the masticating ones.

If you plan to make lemonades, then an inexpensive citrus juicer would be more suitable when compared to those with many functions you may not use often.

However, a higher-end juicer is ideal if you plan to make juice from an assortment of ingredients. In this case, do not just look at the cheapest but factor in durability and warranty.


The word oxidation sounds foreign if you are a newbie to juicing. The term refers to the loss of electrons by ions or molecules. In this case, oxygen molecules become reactive and attach to other molecules and creating a new compound.

To better understand this. Picture a rotten banana. What has happened behind the scenes is that enzymes in the banana have reacted with amino acids to cause the foul odor and discoloration of the banana.

If you want to reap maximum benefits, then oxidation should matter to you much. Heat promotes oxidation, which in turn leads to the destruction of essential nutrients and enzymes. Centrifugal juicers use fast-paced blades that produce a lot of heat while cold press ones are slow, reducing oxidation chances. When blades cut the products faster, more enzymes are exposed to oxidation, reducing the juice’s nutritional content.

Prep Time

We are all rushing to accomplish one task from another. Your choice relies on how much time you have on your hands to make that juice. If you are always in a rush and have several products that you want, the centrifugal juicer will work wonders when it comes to speed.

Due to its large feeders, you do not waste any time cutting up fruits and vegetables into manageable sizes. This is unlike the cold feeders that require you to cut the produce into small chunks that can fit into the juicer.

 Keep in mind that while centrifugal are fast, they enhance oxidation and cannot break down fruits and veggies efficiently.


Home appliances can break down even when new. It’s not your fault, but the appliances may have come with issues from the manufacturer. When this happens, your warranty will determine whether you lose money by buying a new juicer or you get a new one as a replacement. More extended warranties are always preferred. Check your warranty terms before settling on a particular juicing machine.

image of juices from oranges, tomatoes, pineapple, apples, and carrots

Benefits of Juicing

As a child, I loathed broccoli. I would look for ways to avoid eating vegetables. Nevertheless, as the old adage goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” am now convinced that if am going to make the best out of my life then fruits and veggies are necessary.

If you are still not convinced about why that glass of juice will affect your life, then you need to read on about the benefits of juicing.

More Nutrients are Absorbed into the Body: When you extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables, you are able to reach your daily quota. When you consume it this way, it’s tastier, and hard-to-swallow veggies become palatable.

Helps your gut: The gut forms part of our immune system, and what better way than to cleanse it thereby promoting the growth of healthy bacteria with juicing. For instance, dark-leafed vegetables help fight colon cancer and bananas promote good bacteria in the gut. Fruits are rich in vitamin C and help fight off diseases.

Weight Loss: Juicing promotes weight loss by consuming healthy juices with natural sugars. Instead of loading your stomach with unhealthy carbohydrates and proteins, your diet now has fewer calories. This will help you attain the desired body shape through your weight-loss juice recipes.

photo of mixed vegetables and fruits

Increased Physical Energy: One potential physical benefit to juicing in the body is that all of a sudden you feel energized and experience less fatigue during the day. This is because essential nutrients – found in fruits and vegetables – circulate to your brain, hydrating it and supplying the right chemicals. Fruits are rich in natural sugars that boost your energy levels.

Lowering Cholesterol: Good and bad cholesterol is essential for the optimal performance of your body. “Junk foods” lead to an unhealthy balance between the two. When you start juicing, you are able to reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol in your liver. This reduces the chances of getting strokes and high blood pressure complications.

Healthy Skin: when you engage in a healthy diet, you do not only feel good but your skin starts to glow. Our skins require the right amount of nutrients for them to fight off diseases. According to WebMD, Juicing also helps keep the skin hydrated – remember it covers the largest surface area in the body.

Features of the Best Juicer Machine to Buy

If you are a home juicing fan, a juicing machine is a must-have in your kitchen. It will help you extract your juices and smoothies more easily. If you do not have a functional juicing appliance, you will end up hating the whole process.

You will also waste a lot of time making a simple smoothie or juice. Before long, you will find the process cumbersome and stop enjoying your homemade juices. If you are disappointed with your current one or planning to upgrade, do not repeat the same mistake again.

Using the following features, you can buy a juicing machine that will suit your needs and make your juicing experience an amazing one.

Foam Separator

If you are looking for a juicer that can blend and juice simultaneously, then you need one with a foam separator. This feature will make juicing easier and more fun for you. When you want to prepare a simple juice, you can enjoy it without passing it through a sieve.

You will waste too much of your time with such a cumbersome process. However, with a foam separator, you can enjoy your juice without the pulp parts and in its liquid. You will not enjoy such a drink if your juice extractor does not have a foam separator.


A juicer machine may look so stylish but fail to perform the essential functions. Once you place your ingredients and start mixing them, your juice starts leaking through the base. If you have such a machine, you will waste a lot of juice and make the process quite messy.

Before purchasing, ensure the juicer does not leak by reading through customer reviews. Where possible, you can request the dealer to test the gadget before making the purchase.

Pulp Separator

If you go for one with a pulp separator, you can switch from smoothies to juices effortlessly. The pulp separator gives it a versatile function making it ideal for everyday use. Any time you wish to make your juice, you just add the pulp separator and enjoy your juice.

High Wattage

The juicer should come with a high wattage of at least above five hundred watts to enable you to juice and crush a variety of fruits. Such a gadget will make it possible for you to crush nuts, ice, extract juices from leafy vegetables and give you a dry pulp after the juicing process.

You will get all the water content from your machine within a short time, and you can use the dry pulp to make your salads. A good example is the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite which always with 1000-Watt driven motors but anything above 400-Watts is enough to satisfy your juicing needs.

Since we tend to juice bulky and hard produce, always go for the juice extractor with a higher wattage and you won’t be disappointed. 


A good juicer should have speed options for different types of fruit juices and smoothies. Not all types of fruit will require the same speed when preparing. Check out for one that has low to medium and high-speed options. With such an appliance, you can select the speed options to use accordingly. For vegetables such as carrots, you can use the high-speed option while chunks of mangoes will do with low to medium speed.

Safety locks

The juice machine should come with safety locks to protect the user and the juicer. If you buy one lacking this feature, you risk an explosion, especially if wrongly assembled or in case of overheating. Moreover, it is too dangerous to use and can cause accidents.


Check whether the juicing extractor is made of a suitable material that you like. It should ideally be made of stainless steel. It will not rust due to the acidity of some of the fruits and vegetables. Stainless steel will also last longer, and you will enjoy value for your money.


Before buying, check for brands that are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly appliances come with an energy star rating. They will not use too much energy, yet they will deliver optimal results. It will also have low levels of noise.

You do not want to turn your house into a factory with a very noisy juicer or let all your neighbors know that you are juicing. Therefore, go for home appliances that have low noise levels and can help you conserve power.

Which Juicer to Buy?

Take time to compare different juicers and read an online review of the top juicer brands available within your budget. Since you are making an investment by purchasing the juicing machine, you should also be ready to part with a good amount of money.

Set aside a budget and go for the most affordable and one that serves your needs. You will experience hustle-free juicing with the right gadget.

Juicing has many advantages for the user. Many think it is a new age fad but this is further from the truth. People who practice juicing are healthier with a reduction of harmful cholesterol buildup in the body with their bodies absorbing nutrients faster and more efficiently. Finding the right juicing machine among the many popular juicers can be a challenge. Based on certain key factors we have delved into, we have come up with a verdict for the best juicer on the market – the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. Given the various types of juice extractors, this machine has a low RPM that reduces changes of oxidation thus maximizing nutrient content.