Automatic Commercial Orange Juicer Reviews

Are you struggling to find the best orange juicer for your business? 


Besides your desire to own a basic home juicer, you might want to acquire a high capacity commercial juicer machine as your business needs demand. To start with, it is the best tool to start a lemonade stand. Secondly, it’s a great addition to any cafe, restaurant, or juice bar as it can make large volumes of fresh drinks within minutes.

Why is this important?

A commercial orange juicer machine is very different from a regular home juicer as it guarantees a high juice yield, is sturdier, and more durable than what you may need for your home juicing needs. Constructed to survive constant heavy use, such industrial-oriented juicer machines can serve you for a long while.Best Industrial Orange Juicers1. FoodKing Orange Juicer Orange Squeezer Machine Cuisinart Juice Extractor Review2. OrangeA Commercial Orange Juicer Machine Review3. Sanven Lemon Orange Squeezer Commercial Juicer Review4. Grindmaster-Cecilware JX15MC Automatic Orange Juicer Review5. XPUSA Commercial Juicer Squeezer Review6. VEVOR Commercial Orange Juicer Squeezer Review7. BestEquip Orange Juicer Squeezer Review8. Superland Orange Commercial Juicer Machine ReviewCommonly Asked Questions and Answers

Here are the best automatic commercial orange juicers that you can acquire for your industrial or business needs.

1. FoodKing Orange Juicer Orange Squeezer Machine Cuisinart Juice Extractor Review

If you are running a fruit shop, restaurant, bar, hotel, or a coffee house, chances are you have those regular customers who will ask for their favorite fresh juice the moment they order it. It would be inconveniencing to keep asking them to wait for the juice to be prepared mainly because your current juicing machine is either too slow or it only gives a small yield of juice.

To stay in business, you need an automatic juicer that will not only generate large yields, but also one that is fast and durable. Food King Orange Juicer will do that for you.


This machine is quicker than manual juicers. Once you put in your oranges, lemons, or lime, it works automatically and squeezes to the last drop for you. This saves you a great deal of time, which is important especially if you want to serve several customers in your restaurant or a number of guests in that home party.

Easy Operation

Forget about wasting tons of time disassembling the juicer because of a step you missed while assembling it. This machine is easy to put together. The instructions in the manual are simple and anyone can put it together with their eyes closed.

Moreover, did I mention the operation is equally simple and convenient? The machine comes with a peeling implement. Therefore, if your fruits need some peeling, you don’t need buy another equipment for that. Many customers also praise it for being easy to clean.

Plenty of juice

Many people fancy orange juice; this machine will give you plenty of that. Whether you have a birthday party coming up or your best friends visiting, you will love the FoodKing. Expect plenty of juice as it can squeeze 22 to 30 oranges a minute and separate the juice from the pulp automatically. Please go ahead and please your customers this automatic orange juicer.


Fast and handles up to 30 oranges per minuteSome parts break easily especially the plastic gears
Large juice yield guaranteed per minuteUnclear warranty information
Easy to cleanUnavailability of replacement parts
Easy to operate
Unique orange peeling capability

2. OrangeA Commercial Orange Juicer Machine Review

People prefer fresh juice not just based on the fruit it’s made from, but also based on the safety and purity of the juice. With this small secret, you will probably have more customers ordering for your fresh juice. However, you need to have the right juicer to achieve this.

Are you looking for the best commercial orange juicer that can give us pure juice without any coloring matter, essence, water, or antiseptic? Sure, OrangeA will work it out for you.

What are some of its features?

Large Juice Yield

Whether you are a juice addict who wants to try different juices, a restaurant owner who wants more juice for your customers or regular home juicer, OrangeA will satiate your needs. The juicer can make for you 4 to 7 glasses of juice per minute, and that translates to squeezing 20 to 22 oranges a minute. As a hotel or coffee shop owner, this saves you a lot of time as you can juice plenty of juice at once and store it in the refrigerator so you can focus on keeping your customers happy.


People worry about what they put in their bodies, and the manufacturer of this Orange juicer had that in mind.

How Does the Juicer Ensure Safety of the Juice?

The steel case is made from high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to rust. Besides, the machine doesn’t have components that could add coloring matter, antiseptic, essence or leak water to your juice to dilute it.

Easy to Clean and Operate Have you ever seen a juicer that requires you to read a few pages of the manual before operating or cleaning it? Well, this Orange Squeezer is not that machine. Operating this juicer is a stroll in the park. Additionally, it has a pair of peeling implement, and so you don’t have to peel the fruits yourself. It is easy to clean up too!

Pros and Cons

Quality and durable partsCan’t juice all fruits; only works with orange, lime, and lemon.
Can handle up to 22 oranges per minute equivalent to 7 glassessPlastic parts susceptible to breakage
Safety cut-off switch Unavailability of replacement parts
Stainless steel casing
Good for drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels, and juicer bars

3. Sanven Lemon Orange Squeezer Commercial Juicer Review

Are you head over heels with freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice? You had better have a quality juicer for that.

If you run a coffee shop, fruit shop, restaurant, or hotel, you should know that most of your customers adore fresh, tasty juice, and you need a great juicer to help you achieve that.

The Sanven Lemon Orange Squeezer will give you these results and more value which makes it one of the best orange juicers suitable for your commercial needs.

So, what makes this juicer unique from others out there?

High Yield

A small juicer won’t help you to meet the needs of your customers, and a juicer with a high yield will do the job. The Sanven Lemon Orange Squeezer can handle 20 to 22 oranges per minute to give you 4 to 7 glasses a minute. That way, you can produce a lot of juice within minutes and serve your customers.

Peeling Element

A great machine is one that reduces your prep time and that includes peeling. If you run a busy restaurant, you know how valuable time is; so, having a juicer with the peeling capability is a plus.

Well, the Sanven Lemon Orange Squeezer Commercial Juicer comes with the peeling element. Your effort will only involve washing and place the fruits on the juicer. You can then sit back and watch it squeeze the oranges or lemons as it filtrates them for you.

Safe and Sturdy

The juicer machine is designed for durability. Both the interior and exterior parts are advanced to withstand the frequent use at a busy drinks car, coffee shop, or hotel. The materials are made from stainless steel, which is both safe and resistant to rust. This ensures the safety of the juice made from this machine.

Pros and Cons

Easy to cleanReplacement parts unavailable
Easy to operate
High-juice yield per minute
Peeling capability

4. Grindmaster-Cecilware JX15MC Automatic Orange Juicer Review

The freshness of juice is what makes people like it, and all that goes back to how the juice extracted.

The Grindmaster-Cecilware JX15MC is that commercial orange machine that gives you fresh and tasty juice. The reason is it peels off the fruit thus helping to eliminate the bitter taste from the peels.

Minimal Counter-space

It is the smallest commercial orange juicer; it does not occupy big counter space in your kitchen. Therefore, while juicing, you still have adequate space to carry out other tasks.

Thanks to its small size, it has a feeder capacity of only six oranges, but let that not fool you. This commercial juicer can squeeze up to 15 oranges per minute.

High Yield

15 oranges can give you a lot of juice. This automatic orange juicer can handle them all in a minute! Although it is small, it gives you a large amount of juice. Therefore, you can go ahead and juice for the entire family.


Juicing is interesting, but most people find it hard to disassemble their machines and clean thanks to the technical manner in which such machines have been put together.

Well, with the Cecilware JX15MC, this is not the case as it is easy to disassemble the juicer and clean it up. Besides, you don’t need any tools to remove its dishwasher components. This industrial orange juicer machine comes with micro-serrated slicing blades made of a heavy-duty stainless steel blade. This makes it strong enough to cut through that thick peel fast. This is what makes this machine effective and fast.

Outstanding Features

Can squeeze up to fifteen oranges per minuteReplacement parts and other juicer accessories are unavailable
Highly serrated slicing blade 
Heavy-duty stainless parts
Negligible counter-space required
Easy to clean and assemble juicer
Dishwasher safe parts
Automatic feed chute

5. XPUSA Commercial Juicer Squeezer Review

XPUSA is an orange juicer with the ability to squeeze 20 to 22 oranges a minute based on their size. It is an ideal product for coffee shops, juice bars, restaurants, and even homes where a large volume of juice is needed to satiate many people.

Here are some of the features that this juicer comes with:

Safe XPUSA has a safety switch. Therefore, it won’t run unless you place the cover properly. This is safe as it reduces injury during operation as well as liability in a commercial environment.

Squeezes 20-22 Oranges per Minute

Like most commercial orange juicers, XPUSA gives a high juice yield thanks to its ability to squeeze 20 to 22 oranges per minute producing 4 to 7 glasses of juice for you in the process.

This is what makes the juicer ideal for use in big families, fruit shops, juice bars, hotels, and other commercial applications.

Stainless Steel Casing

A juicer is a worthwhile investment that should last you long enough, and one way to gauge its durability is by the material that makes it. The casing of XPUSA Commercial Juicer has its casing made from stainless steel, which makes the machine highly durable.

Pros and Cons

Can squeeze any orange up to 3.6 inchesThere is a challenge in getting replacement parts
Can handle up to 25 oranges in sixty secondsNot easy to use. The instructions in the many are unclear
Safety cut off switch buttonMessy
Quality stainless steel body
Easy to clean and assemble 
Good for restaurants, smoothie shops, and coffee shops,
Moderate power consumption 120W

6. VEVOR Commercial Orange Juicer Squeezer Review

A great juicer is one that gives you a return on your investment. Therefore, besides performing optimally, the automatic orange juicer is durable as well.

The Vevor Orange Juicer scores well in both options. It is made using high-quality commercial components, and its interior and exterior structures are advanced.

Some features Vevor orange juicer to be outstanding include:

Squeezes 22 To 30 Fruits per Minute

If you are looking for a juicer that gives a high yield of fresh juice, then the Vevor Orange Juicer is a great pick. The machine can juice 22 to 30 fruits per minute, and that could give you a large number of juice glasses per minute. The size of oranges squeezed by this machine is 40 to 80 mm. The juicer’s high yield ability makes it ideal for restaurants, the office of cards, bars, tea and coffeehouses, and hotels.

Safe and Easy Operation

Imagine having a juicer that guarantees safety to anyone operating it. That is precisely what the Vevor Orange Juicer does for you. It has been designed no to work in the absence of the cover plate. This prevents injuries or getting messed up to those nearby during operation.What’s more?

The orange juicer is easy to operate and clean. This saves everyone’s time which makes the best juicer for your business.

Main Features

Moderate energy consumption; 120WRelatively heavy
Can handle up to 22 oranges in a  minuteThe plastic parts are prone to easy wear and tear
The cover plate enhances safety when working with the juicer and minimizes spillageReplacement parts are hard to find
Cut off switch button
Handles oranges with 40-80mm diameter
Good for restaurants, smoothie shops, and coffee shops,
Easy to assemble and clean

7. BestEquip Orange Juicer Squeezer Review

When having a party, you need to be able to serve your guests easily and have adequate time to interact with them. Therefore, you need a juicer that is easy to use and clean, and one that generates a high juice yield. The BestEquip Orange Juicer has all of these qualities and much more!

20 to 22 Oranges per Minute

Not many juicers can squeeze at least 20 oranges per minute, and if you have a party, fruit shop, bar, restaurant, or house of cards, you need a juicer with a high juice yield.

 The BestEquip Orange Juicer can’t disappoint you in this regard. All you need is a good number of fruits for your customers or guests and it will do the rest for you.

Pure Fresh Juice

Everyone loves juice that isn’t contaminated with other substances, and that is exactly what this juicer delivers.

It has been designed reasonably with an advanced interior and exterior structure. You won’t find any antiseptic, essence, coloring matter, or even water in the juice. This leaves you with only fresh, tasty juice with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Once you wash the fresh oranges, the machine will peel them off for you, produce lots of juice, and filters it automatically. It is built from stainless steel and PC plastic to ensure the safety of juice it produces.

Easy to Use and Clean The instructions for assembling the juicer are simple, and it will take a few minutes to set it up and start juicing. It doesn’t leak the juice and cleaning is easy.

What’s unique about this commercial orange juicer?

Easy to clean and useJuices can be warm
Can handle up to 20 oranges per minute minuteNo provision for leakage control
Perfect peeling of orangesWarranty information is not clear
Safety switch button
Can handles oranges  up to 80mm size
Good for restaurants, smoothie shops, and tea and coffee houses
120W power consumption- moderate

8. Superland Orange Commercial Juicer Machine Review

Do you have tea or coffee house, juice bar, fruit shop, hotel, or restaurant and struggling to find the best juicer to suit your customers’ needs?

Well, the Superland Orange Juice Machine will suit your commercial use. It will save your time during cleaning, and it will make your customers happy thanks to the fresh, pure juice it makes.

The following features make it one of the best orange juicer that you can get for your business

Stainless Steel Case

Stainless steel is known to be resistant to rust, safe and durable. The commercial orange machine comes with a quality stainless steel tank to ensure the quality of your juice is not compromised. You can make your juice without worrying about how its taste could turn off your customers. Besides, the stainless steel casing won’t easily break down as you continue using the machine.

Safety Cut-Off Switch

The juicer comes with a safety cut off switch to ensure that it doesn’t overheat, which might interfere with the juice.

4 to 7 Glasses per Minute

Serving a large number of customers can’t be easier with this juicer. With the ability to squeeze 20 to 22 oranges per minute producing 4 to 7 glasses per minute, large juice yield is guaranteed.

Cover plate This juicing machine won’t work without the cover plate. This prevents any injury and splashing of the juice that may mess up those nearby.

Key Features

Easy to clean and operateReplacement parts is still a problem
Can handle up to 30 oranges per minute minuteNot appropriate for small-sized oranges and limes
Has a pair of peeling parts
Safety switch button and stainless steel body
Cover plate minimizes spillage
Good for restaurants, drink shops, and hotels
Makes fresh and pure juice

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

1. Which types of fruits can I juice with automatic commercial orange juicers?

These machines mainly handle oranges, limes, and lemons. If you have pomegranates, apples, and other fruit types, you may need to try other juicers.

2. How many oranges can I juice in a minute?

Typically, most automatic commercial orange juicers juice from 20 to 22 oranges a minute, and this can give you 4 to 7 glasses of fresh juice.

3. Why does the orange juice from an automatic commercial orange juicer taste so good?

Most industrial orange juicers come with a pair of peeling implements, which peel off the fruits prior to squeezing them. This helps to remove the bitter taste often associated with orange peels.

4. What is the difference between the ‘fresh’ juice sold in packaged containers and the juice obtained from an orange juicer?

Juicing machines give you the freshest juice whose taste is naturally obtained from the actual fruit. This juice contains all the minerals and vitamins your body requires. In contrast, packaged juice may smell and tastes different because it may contain preservatives, water, and coloring elements. You won’t find such in fresh juices derived from an orange juicer.

5. What is the power consumption of a quality orange juicer? Well, most of these juicers require a power supply of 110 to 120 V with each juicer consuming 120W. If you have different electrical needs, you should get in touch with the manufacturer.


What next?

Selecting the best orange juicer can be a challenge!!

If you operate a restaurant, drink shop, the house of cards, hotel, or fruits shop, you need to get the best juicer to continue meeting the needs of your clients. Acquiring a commercial orange juicer machine  will give you fresh, pure, and tasty juice. You also need a machine that can squeeze many fruits per minute and one that is easy to clean and operate.

The juicers discussed will most likely serve that purpose. These machines have many features in common including the number of oranges juiced per minute, power consumption, easy operation and more.


If you are looking for a juicing machine that performs optimally, is easy to operate and clean, and guarantees a high yield yet it requires minimal counter space, then BestEquip Orange Juicer and XPUSA Commercial Juicer are the best industrial juicers for you However, if you are a little budget-conscious but don’t mind the size. You may consider VEVOR Orange Juicer and Superland Orange Juicer. On the other hand, if you would like to own a juicer that can squeeze oranges and lime for both commercial and home use, then the Sanven Lemon Orange Squeezer will do the trick.