Hurom Slow Masticating Juicers Reviews: The Best Cold Press Juicers to Buy

There is no better feeling like the one you get when you consume your favorite juice in the morning when you wake up.

Do you know that the absorption of vitamins is four times higher when you consume them as juice, and what better way can you ensure that than having the best juicing device in your kitchen?

Well, you may have to look no further because Hurom has a wide selection of the best slow juicers you can buy for your home use.

The slow juicer by Hurom has utilized innovative technology to bring you juicers with unique features that complement every juicing need.

Moreover, it is not just about the machine when you have a taste of the product; you will experience nothing but natural goodness.

The slow squeezing technology has ensured that everyone’s regimen, health, and lifestyle needs are met; from the needs of cautious weight watchers to the sweet tooth ice cream lovers. The slow juicers are ideal for every home; they have excellent features for adventurous juicing while ensuring the safety of the user and their family.

The Following is a List of Hurom Slow Juicers

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Hurom Elite HH-SBB11 Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AE Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer

Hurom HU-700 Premium Slow Juicer 

Hurom HH-SBF11 Slow Squeezing Juicer

Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer

The following Hurom slow juicers review identifies some of the best cold press juicers from the company that you can buy online:

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AA juicer

The Hurom H-AA is a sleek flagship model for Hurom that features the most innovative technology in the market.

Equipped with Alpha technology, it supports optimized juicing, the ability to make ice cream from frozen ingredients and easy cleaning.

With Hurom slow juicer, you can be sure your juicing needs will be met in style and with ease.

The patent slow squeezing technology works with the low-speed auger for healthy juice production and very dry pulp.

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Key Features

Recipe Book

The recipe book is included in the packaging box and contains new and exciting recipes needed for your juicing, sorbets, ice creams and smoothie making adventures and fun.

It even has a recipe for making tofu using the juicer – for those who have no idea how to make tofu.

Control Lever

The control lever goes to the closed mode when the juicer is in use to allow for maximum compaction while pressing out more nutrients and juice.

When it is in half-closed mode, it releases the pressure in the chamber for the hopper to open easily after juicing.

The open mode allows convenient and easy cleaning of the chamber.

Non-Drip Smart Cap

The non-drip cap is useful when mixing juices, when making smoothies or when juicing different ingredients at a time.

After juicing, the non-drip smart cap can pour water into the juicing cap for the self-cleaning feature.

What You Will Like

  • Non-drip smart cap
  • Tofu mold set
  • Recipe book
  • Optimized juicing


Is this a dual voltage machine?

Not at all! The Hurom gadget is not a dual voltage machine.

Does this machine come in its original box including the recipe book?

Yes, it does. The recipe book has many recipe ideas that are quite exciting to try out.

How does this model perform with leafy greens?

As a cold press slow juicer, the machine juices leafy greens very well.

What is the voltage for this model? Is it 120V or 220V?

The voltage for this gadget is 100 – 230V, 50 0 60 Hz. You can find visit for more information about this model.

What is the difference between this model and the Hz model?

 The difference between the two is that the HZ mode is made of stainless steel, has a citrus juicer, and has led indicators that show the mode of operation the juicer is currently using.

Hurom Elite HH-SBB11 Slow Juicer

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer

The Hurom HH-SBB11 juicer is an advanced juice extractor with a twin winged auger and auto-pulp feature.

Just like Omega vert 350 and Champion juicer, the slow squeezing technology makes the machine easy to use and clean. It yields more juice with little waste using the twin-winged auger, which thoroughly and evenly squeezes and masticates the fruits and veggies.

 It has black silicone parts to avoid staining. Its improved parts include auto pulp, easy to close hopper that works in two positions, juice cap for mixed beverages and drip-free pouring.

Besides, the nesting pulp and juice containers, large Tritan magnetic safety bowl, recessed handle,  BPA free, two improved Ultem strainers, advanced cleaning brushes, improved recipe book and hopper lid for dust free storage.

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Product Description

Higher Yield

With this juicer, you get more juice for every vegetable, nut, and fruit that leaves dry pulp.


The motor rotates at 43 RPM, making it quieter. The quality motor also comes with a 10-year warranty.

100% BPA Free parts

The parts are made from 100% BPA-free material, causing no harm to the users. The machine has a compact design that fits into any countertop.

Twin-winged auger and auto-pulp

The improved twin-winged auger squeezes, and masticates produce more evenly and thoroughly. The auto pulp feature makes the natural juice e extracted and the ejected pulp. The auto pulp only ejects pulp when no more juice extraction can be done.

What you will like

  • Twin auger and auto pulp
  • Safety lock mechanism
  • Can make juice from large batches
  • Juice has a longer shelf life


Does this machine juice celery and stringy vegetables without a lot of preparation?

The machine juices celery and stringy vegetables very well. However, you will need to cut your celery into short pieces, and it will grind it away with the screw motion and juice it all.

What is the distinctive feature of Amazon’s “firm spout” options that account for a price difference of $100?

Amazon’s juicer is a smaller version of the original Elite machine.

Does this elite model make nut milk?

Yes, the Hurom Elite juicer makes delicious nut milk. It does a great job of it, and it is a workhorse.

How much horsepower does its motor have?

Half horsepower is equivalent to 300 watts. I think this model could be running at 400 watts, but please check on the juicer specifications for more accurate information.

May I know the exact weight of the package for custom duty purposes?

A probable guess of the weight would roughly be 8 – 10 lbs.

Hurom H-AE Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AE slow juicer

The Hurom H-AE slow juicer combines slow juicing innovation with ultimate machinery design, which features an intuitive power button for ease of use.

Hurom collaborated with Giorgetto Giugiaro to produce a unique hopper design with two different inlets for ingredients.

The H-AE has a range of accessories including a coarse screen, citrus attachment, and a homogenizing blank just like Omega J8008C slow masticating juicer for making baby food. 

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Key Features

Alpha+ Technology

The components in the device are Alpha+, serving as upgrades from HZ to H-AA.

They improve the juicing chamber with an inbuilt hex connector that allows for smooth assembly.

The cog that controls the screen and spinning brush is removable which makes it easy to clean pulp that is stuck inside.

Two-Way Hopper

The unique hopper features two inlet styles: the standard vertical chute and the tray leading to a hole in the side of the vertical chute.

The two inlets are specialized for different types of ingredients. The vertical inlet is for long ingredients while the tray is for a round or wide ingredients.

What You Will Like

  • Sleek design
  • No oxidation
  • Homogenizing bank
  • Citrus attachment

What You Will Not Like

  • Small chute
  • Takes time to assemble


How versatile is this machine?

Just like SKG slow juicer and Argus Le vertical masticating juicer, it can perform many different functions using the included accessories. The coarse screen is used to produce thicker, pulpy juices that resemble a smoothie.

The homogenizing blank mixes, crushing ingredients, and can be used to make nut butter, ice cream, baby food, and nut milk.

Is it easy to clean after use?

During the juicing process, the inner spinning brush rotates to clean the strainer and the chamber simultaneously. It reduces clogging as it increases juicing efficiency.

How is the performance of this device?

The machine has features to help you produce juice of different consistencies to your liking.

The auger rotates slowly at 43 RPM while the screen and spinning brush can still turn separately at 17 RPM to provide high yields and significantly less froth.

The Alpha+ technology in this machine is capable of flawless performance.

Hurom HP Slow Juicer

The HP model is an elegant, white, and glossy juicer. It is an ideal juice machine to buy when you want to make high-quality juice, but the tight budget is holding you back.

Its compact size can fit well on the counter. The machine has fewer parts, making cleaning a walk in the park.

With patented slow squeeze technology, the juicer mimics the squeezing of juice by hand, minimizing any damage to the juice.

The juicer can make tasty sorbets, fresh juice, and almond milk.

The recipe is an added advantage to making juicing a real adventure. All its detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

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Main Features

High juice yield with less waste

The juice extraction undergoes the crushing state then the pressing stage before ejecting the pulp, which results in more juice yield, and dry pulp.

The unique low-speed auger squeezes every drop of juice from the ingredients to leave a bone-dry pulp.


The appliance can juice vegetables, fruits, wheatgrass, and leafy greens and make nut milk. The pulp control meter allows for making juice with pulp consistency of your liking.


Rotating at 43 RPM the AC motor works efficiently using 150 watts of power. It has a 10-year warranty to ensure quality and durability.


The juicer’s duplicate safety sensors allow the machine to operate if the chamber assembled on the base.

The built-in cooling system with integrated heat vents prevents overheating. The chute cannot allow small fingers because of its size, lacks blades.


Does this model juice greens well?

Yes, this slow juicer works pretty well on greens. However, everything requires cutting into small pieces for a good outcome.

Can it juice raspberries and other soft and seedy fruits?

The machine can juice raspberries, strawberries and other berries without any problem.

Does the juicer work with 110V?

Indeed the machine does work with 110V.

Can I pour water into the juicer while it is working?

Yes, you can. You can run water through it for a few minutes before using it to ensure the dishwashing liquid has exited. The machine also has a stopper inside that keeps liquids from being ejected alongside the pulp.

How much almond milk can the juicer make at one time?

Approximately 32 ounces with minimal ingredients needed.

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer

The compact design Hurom HU-100 has patented slow squeezing technology with quick, gentle extracts that preserve the natural cellular structure of the vegetables and fruits fed into it.

The juicer delivers four times the absorption rate of the vitamins and minerals.

It can process vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, and soybeans to produce delicious milk, sauces, juices, baby foods and marinades quickly and effortlessly. All nutrients and enzymes are retained when juicing.

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Top Features

Easy to Assemble

Hurom HU-100 is user-friendly, with simple instructions. The machine is compact and designed with multiple locks that lock into place without a struggle.

The safety locks prevent the juicer from running if it is not assembled correctly, meaning that the juicer is designed with the user-safety in mind.

The durable motor comes with a 10-year warranty.


Its single auger is GE Ultem, highly durable and able to crush both soft and hard produce.

It contains a two-stage juicing process that ensures the maximum extraction of the juice at 35% more juice. The pulp collected is usually dry an indication of better yield.


The machine has a function of self-cleaning that saves time. After juicing, all you need is to pour a glass of water with a few drops of liquid soap and let it run and self-clean.

Hurom HU 100 FAQ

How well does this Hurom HU-100 juicer run?

Although this juicer is slow, it works well for handling fruits and veggies. You have to chop every ingredient into smaller pieces to fit in the feeder chute.

Can this slow juicer handle lemons and oranges, and how is the flavor?

The machine handles lemons and oranges well, and there is no difference in flavor from when you are squeezing out the oranges/lemons with your hand.

 For best results, peel them with a potato peeler, which will leave the pith on for a healthier outcome.

The product was built to American electrical standards, can it work in Malaysia?

The juice machines comply with US electrical standards that use 110/120 volts. Malaysia compliance is 230/240 volts, 50Hz. It will not work with standard Malaysian outlets.

Which fruit with seed is recommended to be used with the Hurom HU-100 juicer?

Granny Smith apples, lemons, all berries, limes, and oranges with seed do well in the machine.

I believe the juicer can take everything that will fit and if it is stuck, it has a reverse feature, which will clear it. You would not want to run peaches without taking out the seeds.

Do I have to buy the protection plan from Amazon or does the juicer come with a 10-year warranty?

The manual states that the motor is five years while the other parts are one year to the original purchaser. You may have to purchase the Amazon plan to be on the safe side.

Hurom HU-700 Premium Slow Juicer 

Hurom Premium Slow Juicer

The Hurom Premium Juicer and Smoothie maker has a patented pulp control lever and a juice cap that allows for easy making of nutritious smoothies, baby food, and juices.

You can make smoothies from frozen fruits, purees, and mixed drinks.

The pulp control lever controls the amount of pulp in the juice while the juice cap mixes the ingredients inside the juicer and makes clean up easier.

The fine and coarse strainers allow for juicing anything from avocados and bananas to wheatgrass, kales, and even soybeans and nuts.

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Key Features

Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap

The pulp control lever and juice cap allow the user to determine the pulp level they want in the juice.

It also allows for quicker and easier making of blended beverages and smoothies.

You can decide how much solid fiber you want to consume in your juice by choosing between smoothies and juicing.


The motor of this machine is powerful and very quiet. It rotates at 45 RPMs and boasts of a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that it will last for many years to come.

The machine makes use of 540 watts while its heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger work on hard and soft ingredients alike. The auger also helps in self-feeding.


The machine has accessorized features that you will love, including two self-cleaning brushes for ease of cleaning, the fine, and coarse strainers for juicy any vegetables or juices including the leafy variety, and two juicing cups of 32 ounces.

The machine also comes with extraction plugs, screen holders for self-cleaning, a tamper and instruction manual.


Is the feeding chute large enough to accommodate a granny apple?

A granny apple must be chopped into several pieces when using this machine. The feeding chute is not that large.

Is the RPM 40 or 70/80?

The RPM is 80. And the machine creates more dregs and extracts more juice

How well does the juicer handle carrots?

This machine is fabulous with carrots! Though it will not take big chunks of carrots, you will notice more pulp from carrots than when juicing greens.

For the HH model, is the electricity 110W or 220W?

The HH model is 110W. However, you can still buy a 220W from the Hurom website.

​After juicing carrot and apple juice for a month, the auger chipped off, which annoyed me. Did anyone else experience this?

Not at all. This appliance can juice almonds and other hard vegetables such as beets.

The problem could be that you put whole carrots and too large pieces will cause the auger to have issues.

However, your juicer has a warranty, and you should be able to get a replacement part as long as you ensure it is registered.

Hurom HH-SBF11 Slow Squeezing Juicer


Hurom HH-SBF11 juicer has a shape of a charging port. Its crescent housing is made of plastic materials, with a single gear masticating juicer speed.

The juicer preserves the natural taste and the nutrition in the juice.

The new control lever controls the discharging pressure of residues when during juicing.

Using the juice cup make it feasible to mix different ingredients for thicker and healthier produce. The device is easy to clean.

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Key Features

Masticating Technology

The masticating technology facilitates to preserve all nutrients in the vegetables and fruits.

It chops the food with the exclusive set of gears and blades breaking food to the cellular level and extracting maximum volumes of juice from the produce.

Natural, Nutrient-Full Juice

Many users have praised the authentic taste of the juice extracted by the juicer. It keeps the authentic and natural taste of the ingredients, be they fruit juices, vegetable juices or nut milk.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning of this machine is effortless. It does not consume time and manual energy of the user. You can clean and rinse the jar, and the lid can be easily cleaned with plain water.


Where can I get replacement parts for this model?

The replacement parts for this machine are readily available on Amazon. The juicer comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor and 2-year warranty on other parts. Within this time, the company or seller will be able to replace the parts.

​Will the product, built to American standards, work in the UK or Italy if provided with a simple plug adaptor?

Its electrical outlet is built for Europe and some Asian standard; it is not a U.S. standard. So it will it will work well in the UK and Europe.

Is this device a smoothie maker at the same time?

The machine comes with two screens, and one of the screens has a wide hole, which can be used for smooth. However, I cannot recommend it if you want it specifically for smoothies.

Can the juicer be used in Malaysia?

Yes, the machine can be used in Malaysia, but you will need a plug adapter.

Can I use the machine in Bangalore, India?

Yes, you can. The machine is 110V, and I believe India uses 110V. If not, you can buy a converter/adapter, and it will work just fine.

Hurom HZ Slow Juicer

HUROM HZ Slow Juicer

The Hurom HZ slow juicer is stainless steel cased and powered by the latest technology feature known as the Alpha technology.

The cold press juicer is easy to clean, can make ice cream, and optimized for juicing. The auger squeezes out juice from vegetables and fruits to minimize damage while keeping the nutrition and natural taste intact.

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Top Features

Stainless Steel Finish

The stainless steel finish of the HZ slow juicer makes it a durable and hygienic antibacterial device. It has an elegant yet industrial look and comes with LED indicators.

Slow Squeeze Technology

The HZ machine rotates at 43 RPM to extract fresh juice just like that squeezed by the hand. It controls taste and pulp to create fresh and pure juice.


The unique low-speed auger squeezes out every drop of juice to leave dry pulp behind.

Quiet motor

The AC motor is near silent and works efficiently under 150 watts of power.


How big is the feeder of this machine?

The feed chute for this device is small. However, you may not have to consider the size of the feeder as a factor as the slow juicer produces high-quality juice.

You may have to cut produce into pieces, but it will only take a few minutes.

The juicer is high yield, meaning that you will not have to prepare too much produce.

How long will this juicer take to extract 16 ounces of juice?

It can take five minutes or less depending on the fruits and vegetables that you are handling.

Is this juicer dishwasher safe?

The machine is not dishwasher safe. However, it is very easy to clean, and you can use it severally within the day amidst cleaning intervals.

Is the machine good for spinach or kale?

Yes, it works great for both spinach and kale. It can juice wheatgrass, and so it will have no problem with spinach or kale.

Is this device a commercial juicer?

No, this device is not a commercial juicer; it works better as a household juicer.

Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer

Hurom HH Slow Juicer

The Hurom HH slow juicer is not only a bestseller; it is also an award-winning design, an IF, Red Dot, IDEA and good design winner.

It is not just pleasing to the eyes, but to the taste buds as well. This gadget has slow squeezing technology for healthy tasty juices that have all the nutritional goodness.

Its versatile function allows for juicing of vegetables, fruits, soybeans, nuts, leafy greens, milk, tofu and more.

This brilliant gadget can also create ice cream with frozen ingredients, how cool is that?

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Top Features

 Slow Squeeze Technology

The gadget rotates at a speed of 43 RPM and mimics the way the hand motion squeezes the juice.

The patented slow squeeze technology ensures the juice stays fresh while retaining its natural nutrients.

Taste and Pulp Control

The slow squeezing process makes the juice come out gently without reducing its nutrients. The control lever and coarse strainers allow the user to control the amount of pulp that suits their taste.


The masticating juicer comprises of BPA-free and impact resistant ABS plastic body, which makes it durable like Chefmos slow juicer. The heavy-duty auger and Ultem strainers are strong to allow the juicer to last long while in use.


The appliance, has duplicate safety sensors that allowing the unit to operate only if the chamber assembly is done correctly.

The built-in cooling systems with integrated heat vents prevent overheating, and the chute‘s size does not allow even small fingers in. The machine has no blades.


Does this model have a measuring cup?

No, it does not have a measuring cup, but the juicing container has measurements on it.

What about the warranty for this gadget?

Usually, it is a one-year warranty when you buy online, but If you buy from your local store you can get two years, and at an extra cost you may get more years.

Can I use this product in Germany as well?

Yes, you can use the gadget in Germany. This product is meant for Europe and some Asian markets.

I understand that the juicer is made for 220V 60H; can you provide one with 220V 50H?

Yes, there are gadgets for 220V 50H in stock.


When shopping for a juicer, it is not just the machine design that is appealing and performing to your tastes and desires.

Hurom has done a great job with all their juice machines. They have created natural cold press machines that not only have powerful features; they also have powerful effects on the users’ health.

Their cold press masticating juicers naturally press vegetables and fruits without friction or heat to produce the freshest and healthiest juice that has such a fantastic taste.

Their juicers are the best original slow juicers on the market.

Did you know that the quality engineering juice extractors can help reduce caffeine intake and make one switch to the tasty, healthier filling drink?

I highly doubt if you will ever look back after getting a step ahead in healthy living with Hurom best juicing creations.

Choosing the Best Cold Press Hurom Juicer

Enjoying fresh, tasty, and nutritious juice from your home juicer feels good. Compared to industrial juices, homemade juice is natural, and a lot cheaper to make if you have your juicer.

However, the challenge may come when choosing the right juicer for your home among the many online brands.

You may have to ask yourself many questions before buying your juicer. For instance, are you going to make juicing a part of your lifestyle or is it just for use a few times a week? Will you go for a slow juicer Hurom or select another brand?

For part-time juicing, a juicer is what you can go for, but for long-term juicing, then I would recommend that you get a lasting cold press juicer.

How much juice can the model you have chosen give you? This question is important for anyone expecting to buy a machine for optimum juicing.

I guess that you would want a model that will not only give you more juice but will also give you more nutrients and vitamins from your produce.

High-quality juicers will give your about 33% more juice extraction while retaining the pulp. Minimum waste should also be a consideration when choosing a juicer.

However, if you are want something fast without worrying about maximum extraction, then you can go for a centrifugal juicer such Hamilton Beach 67608A. The speed of the juicer model is also an important fact to consider.

Some models out have high RPMs of up to 15,000 and others with as low as 43 like the Aicok juicer reviews that fall in the same category with Hurom juicers.

When speed matters, you will have your juice on time, but without the necessary enzymes and nutrients because the heat from the machine will destroy them.

Juicers with low RPMs are free of oxidation or heating thus letting you enjoy maximum extraction full of nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. It is the beauty of a Hurom cold press juicer.

For easy cleanup, get a juicer with fewer parts, is dishwasher safe, and is made of stainless steel. Besides, look for pulp receptacles and filter screen that are easy and quick to assemble.


Hurom cold press juicers are quality juicer for anyone looking to make a lot of nutrient-rich, natural tasting juice with Hurom H-AA being the best juicer to buy.

The juice machines are ideal for those people who want to live a healthy life, lose massive weight, or for that fitness freak who wants to extract nutrition from every vegetable or fruit for instant recharge. With the Hurom slow juicers, you know you are getting quality products.