10 Amazing Vegetable Juice Recipes for Your Health

The body requires a constant supply of vitamins and minerals. We get these vitamins from the foods we consume. However, we end up losing some of the nutrients during the cooking process. We lose them due to poor or wrong cooking methods. 

To ensure you get all the necessary nutrients from your vegetables, consider juicing them. When you take them in their almost natural form, you are sure of retaining all the nutrients in your vegetables. Here are amazing vegetable juice recipes for you to try out;

1.    Tomato juice

Use four tomatoes normally the Roma ones are best.


Take the tomatoes cut them into pieces and pass through your juicer.

Sieve and serve. The tomato juice can also be used to make tomato soup which can be used to make stew.

Benefits of tomato juice to the body 

•    It prevents cancer.

•    It enhances digestion.

•    It protects the body against heart diseases.

•     Good for bones.

•    Helps detoxify.

•    It is good for eyes and the skin.

•    It helps prevent against stroke.

•     It helps to lower cholesterol.

•     It also prevents the body from clotting of blood. 

2.    Carrot juice

Carrot juice is nutritious and is very sweet. It has lots of vitamin A.

To make carrot juice you need seven to nine carrots.


Cut the carrots into small pieces and then pass through the juicer, sieve and serve.


•    It’s good for skin and eyes

•    It helps prevent cancer

•    It regulates menses

•    Enhances oral health

•    It contributes to improving bone health in the body

•    It helps in boosting immunity in children 

•    Excellent for mothers who are breastfeeding 

•   Heals wounds.

3.    Sweet Kale asparagus juice

To make this type of juice, you need the following

–    Two oranges

–    Three kale leaves

–    Half cup of spinach

–    Four pieces asparagus 


Take the oranges and peel them, mix with the kales, spinach and asparagus and juice them.

Sieve and serve instantly.


  • The kale leaves have lots of chlorophyll and vitamins A, C.
  • Asparagus contains lots of vitamin E and amino acids.
  • Spinach too contains calcium and vitamin C
  • This juice is very nutritious and is good for your skin.

4.    Broccoli cabbage cauliflower juice

You need

–    One piece of broccoli

–    A quarter piece of cabbage

–    A quarter piece of cauliflower

–    Two pieces of kale leaves

–    Half slice of lemon

–    Two apples


Peel off the apples

Peel the lemon and cut it in halves.

Take the cabbage and the cauliflower and cut them into desirable pieces.

Juice all and serve.


This type of juice is very nutritious, and it’s good for cancer patients.

Broccoli is rich in iron, and thus it prevents blood deficiency. 

It also contains foliate and vitamin K and this makes it nutritious.

5.    Spinach Watercress juice

To prepare this type of juice you need

–    Three pieces of parsley

–    One bunch of spinach

–    One bunch of watercress

–    Three apples


Peel the apples carefully.

Then juice the apples with parsley, spinach, and watercress.

Then serve

Benefits of the juice

•    Cleanse blood.

•    It protects from cancer.

•    It helps prevents risks of lung diseases.

•    It improves vision, improves skin.

•    prevents risks of heart disease.

•    Promotes sleep.

6.    Spinach carrot combo juice

To prepare you need;

–    One bunch of spinach

–    Six pieces of carrots


Prepare carrots and spinach as required.

Then juice them.

Serve immediately.


  • Spinach carrot combo juice is good for digestive purposes.
  • Spinach contains vitamins B, A, C, and K hence high in potassium, calcium, and iron magnesium. 
  • Spinach carrot combo juice is detoxifying agent
  • Improves vision, and it energizes the body. 

7. Carrot beet juice

To prepare this type of juice you need;

–    Half of beet, the green one can be good

–    Six pieces of carrots


Take the carrots and the beets mix, juice them and serve.


  • Helps in preventing dementia,
  • Prevents cancer
  • Good for skin and hair health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes good vision

8. Pineapple celery juice

To prepare you to need 

–    Two pineapples cut into rounds

–    Four pieces of celery 


–    With a knife peel off the pineapple and ensure to remove the rind.

–    Take the celery and cut into three-inch pieces 

–    Take the two pieces of pineapple (one inch) and juice together with celery.

–    Then serve


  • Celery contains some anti-cancer compounds and also has levels of potassium and sodium. Pineapple contains vitamin C 
  • Pineapple Celery juice is very beneficial to the body. 
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It’s good for brain health
  • Prevents risks of cancer
  • Prevents risks of heart disease 
  • Promotes good sleep.
  • It helps protect against heart diseases
  • Helps prevent asthma
  • Aids fertility

9. Cucumber tomato juice

To prepare you need;

–    One piece of cucumber

–    One piece of tomato

–    One piece of peeled garlic clove.


Take the cucumber and cut it into four slices

Take the tomato and cut it in half

Juice all the ingredients together and serve.

Cucumbers contain vitamin B, and it’s nutritious it will keep you energized.

Cucumbers contain 90% of water, and thus it helps to regulate body temperatures and stay hydrated.


•    It helps to reduce risks of cancer

•    It helps in losing weight

•    It helps in digestion 

•    It promotes joint health

•    It cures morning hangovers

•    It helps prevent heart diseases

10. Green goddess juice

To prepare you need;

–    Three pieces of celery

–    Half of cucumber big size then cut it into quarters.

–    One piece of green apple

–    One piece of pear cut into small pieces.


Take celery, cucumber, green apple and pear as prepared accordingly and juice them all. Then serve immediately. 


•    It helps improve skin and hair health

•    It strengthens bones

•    It helps prevent cancer infections

•    Cushion against the risks of heart disease

•    Improves sleep and also it prevents heart diseases. 

All these types of juices are critical in our bodies, and we need to consume them regularly. Incorporate them in your daily meals and watch your overall health improve. You will also reduce your visits to the doctor. However, to get the most of these vegetable juice recipes, you need a high quality juicer.