6 Tips to Help You Purchase the Right Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

If you love taking juices, either from vegetables or fruits, getting the right one can be a daunting affair, especially if you are not drinking home made juices. Today, everyone wants to cut corners in every way. As you drink your fruit juice from your favorite joint, you are not sure whether it’s a fruit juice, or just water, flavors, and sweeteners. 

All the labels on your vegetable juice read organic but are they organic? Have you ever ordered a glass of passion juice and wondered how many passions were required to produce just a single glass of passion juice? Well, if you find yourself asking such questions it’s time you started making your fruit and vegetable juices.

 That way, you will be certain that of what you’re taking. However, to make your juicing flawless and hustle free, you will require a great fruit and vegetable juicer. If you go wrong on the juicer, you will get frustrated by the inefficiency of your juicer and just pack it away as garbage. 

Follow the following guidelines, for an amazing juicing experience;

  1. Easy to use

Before buying a juicer, go through the user manual to understand how to use it. You can request the seller for the user manual or check online. Your desire is to extract your juice hustle free. If you purchase a fruit and vegetable juicer that is too complicated to assemble and use, you will not enjoy the process. 

The thought of juicing will just sound too cumbersome for you. An easy to use juicer will give you an incredible experience, and you will always look forward to juicing. 

  1. Reviews

 Purchasing a device that claims to perform above average and deliver excellent results for it to perform way below average is frustrating, and you feel betrayed. The manufacturer’s reviews on the device promised to perform tasks that have always been on your wish list. So you purchased this ‘amazing gadget.’

 Once you set out to use it, the disappointment was immense. You felt cheated and betrayed. Before you buy your juicer, do not just trust the manufacture’s words. Do you expect them to speak ill of their gadget? The only place you can get genuine and realistic reviews about the juicer is from customers who have bought and used it before. 

Therefore once you have settled on the brand you wish to purchase, check online for customer reviews about that specific juicer. Check out for the negative reviews. That way, you will make an informed decision.

  1. Features

Before committing your money, you should check out for the features. Important features to guide you include;

•    Power- Choose one that has wattage above 500. Such a juicer will not strain during the juicing process for optimal results

•    Material- Go for juicers made of stainless steel to prevent rusting and also for easy cleaning

•    Safety measures- Check out for safety features of the juicer. In case it’s not correctly assembled it will not blow off. It will also switch off or give you warning signs in case of overheating.

•    Versatility- Ensure it can juice all types of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Warranty

Before buying your juicer, check out for warranty period with the manufacturer. In the event the juicer gets spoilt or is faulty, the seller can replace it without too much push and pull. However, ensure you read your manual before use. Otherwise, the seller may not repair any damage resulting from carelessness.

  1. Easy to clean

After your juicing process, your wish is to clean your juicer without too much hustle. Some juicers may require a lot of efforts during the cleaning process. You will require dismantling all the parts of the juicer and clean them one by one. 

The process can make your kitchen too messy and will add to your already full schedule. You can avoid this by going for a brand which is easy to clean. If you use a dishwasher, buy one that is dish-washer friendly. That way you will make the process simpler and more fun.

  1. Understand your needs

Before you purchase your juicer, understand your needs. Do you wish to enjoy your juice in a complete liquid state or semi-liquid state? Once you have answered this question, you will need to choose a juicer that suits your specific needs. 

Some fruit and vegetable juicers have the capacity to separate the pulp from the juice. Others do not have this ability and will give you the pulp and the juice all mixed up. To get a clear guidance on this, you can watch videos on YouTube on different types of juicers and how they perform.

 You just type your brand and watch the videos. These videos will guide you into choosing one that is appropriate for your needs.

Use these tips and walk away with the right juicer for your everyday day use. Your juicing experience will be a lot of fun, and you will enjoy your homemade juices at the comfort of your home.CategoriesJUICER ARTICLES