Products to Buy with a Juicer Machine: Replacement Parts, Juice Bottles, and Straws

Just like any other shopping experience, purchasing a juicer machine online is not truly complete until you buy something else to accompany it. You might want to save an extra coin, but you will later realize that you might enjoy some discounts, reduced or free shipping costs, or holiday prices if you exceed a certain limit in your purchases.

 To help you save and get the full benefit of your juicer, you should consider buying the following things alongside your best juicer machine. The accessories will be handy at least at one point of your juicing adventure.

1. The Best Juicing Books

A recipe book is one of the important things that you will need to invest in whether you are a professional juicer or just a beginner. A good recipe book should have all that you need regarding juicing and health.

You will be able to get information about your body’s nutritional needs and tips on how to stay on course on your healthy fruit juice diet.

You need a recipe book that talks about tested recipes that work, a section that has FAQs from other fruit diet enthusiasts. You will also learn the very creative ways to make your juice recipes and know what to juice at the proper time.

Some book recipes may contain fruits and vegetables that are not easily available in your locality; the best option is to look for alternatives that offer the same nutritional value and replace it.

You do not need to be worried about what book is the best for you. Some have been rated as good books based on the reputation and credibility of the author or even  written by experienced nutritionists. If you want to specialize in special kind of fruit juice diet may be because of health reasons, you can grab a recipe book while you are in the process of buying your juicer online.

Get a Recipe Book Now

We all have an idea of how to make a fruit juice. I can guarantee you that if you stick to that routine, you will end up with limited options because you will only be juicing from your favorite fruits.

A recipe book will introduce you to the world of delicious and healthy juicing recipes. You will have all the varieties that you have never even thought existed.

Juicing recipe books are awesome because some have a dietary plan for people with different lifestyle and needs. Therefore, you don’t end preparing juice just because you have a juicer.

You can spur a moment of creativity in a book by even coming up with your own “chef special” concoction that you can maximize the benefits.

A good book will give you more details about the nutritional value of each recipe; this is important for those who want to attain a certain health and fitness goal; you will get dozens of juice fasting for weight loss recipes

If you are looking for a recipe book, ensure that it has detailed ingredients and the recipe listed has the best combination to satisfy your nutritional needs and dietary goals.

2. The Cleaning Brushes for Your Juicer Machine

They come in different varieties depending on each juicer machine’s design and cleaning procedure. A good juicer should be easy to clean and free of bacteria, dust, or dirt.

Some juicers can bought with the cleaning brushes while for others you need to buy them separately. This is a plus for the juicer machines with dishwasher safe parts.

3. Specialized Produce Preparation Tools

Not all fruits and vegetables come in a nice smooth and attractive package. Washing citrus or some vegetables can be so easy not until you have to prepare berries or the spiny pineapples. At this point, you realize that you either hire someone else to do the preparation of look for alternative fruits with the same nutritional value.

You will need a strawberry stem remover to help you cut out the stems, which may be faster compared to other methods.

A pineapple corer will peel and slice your pineapple without the fear of your hands being pierced by the invisible thorns. Apples can take most of your valuable time peeling (if you did not buy organic), the apple peeler will peel and slice the apple to convenient sizes for juicing.

These specialized kitchen appliances are diverse and you will keep on discovering them, as you remain faithful in your healthy dieting regime.

4. Storage Containers

Look at it in two ways; you need containers for storing your juice for later consumption or store fruits when you plan to use them later. The containers can be kept in a fridge or are capable of keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy throughout the entire storage period.

5. Juicing Bottles

You can be on the move, but you do not want to miss your favorite fruit juice because you are not able to carry the juicer machine. Why not buy some juice bottle such as Apana water bottle or reusable plastic water bottles that you can always have your juice with you everywhere you go. Several options are available for you.

They could be the regular jar/bottles with a lid or swell vs hydro flask to keep the container airtight or the bottles that have the capacity to maintain the temperature of your drink for a long time. 

6. The Extra Dose of Additives

The word additives here stand for the naturally occurring additives like Chia seeds, ginger, etc. Fresh juice can sometimes fail to give you the taste that you are looking for or maybe you are looking to a particular concoction that can add a little spice to your drink.

Some of these additives help in some ways. Increased metabolism, hormonal balance, manages blood pressure and increase the sense of wellbeing. For instance, adding:Chia seeds will give you omega-3 fatty acids, which you may not find in any juice recipeApple, cider, and vinegar for weight loss and reduced blood sugar levelsMSM raises immunity levels that will help you deal with painful joints

7. Wheatgrass Juicing Kit for Your Juicer Machine

Not all juicers are capable of extracting juice from wheatgrass. Those that are there will force you to spend a fortune to have one. Why not buy your regular juicer and get a separate wheatgrass juicing kit that may be less costly in the end. The kit will ensure that you do not miss on the benefits of wheatgrass and other organic seeds.

8. Veggie Pasta Ma​ker

Sometimes you just want to go beyond the juicing experience, but still, maintain the nutritious diet. You can use this device to create noodles from any vegetable, and you will keep off from the regular wheat (processed).

You must also consider the specific accessories or appliances across different when you are buying a juicer.

9. The Straws

They are ideal especially if you are juicing for commercial reasons or you just want the outdoor experience away from home. Look out for those beauties straws that will complement the type of glasses that you have. If you can get the BPA-free and reusable straws, I can guarantee that you will love using them.

Do you enjoy the loud slurping sounds when using a straw?

The two broad categories of straws available in the market today can disposable and the reusable.

9.1. Disposable Straws

Disposable straws also come in different designs for different purposes. For instance, there are those can be used with tumblers, some are sold individually wrapped together, the black ones, and the flexible straws.

The materials used for this category range from plastics to biodegradable paper straws.

9.1.1 Straw Cups

They are ideal for toddlers who do not want to miss mommy’s favorite healthy juice drink. They have a fast flow juice rate to keep the juice of their delicate teeth. They are available in different colors to give the kids a wide variety to select.

9.1.2 Straws for Tumbler of Different Sizes

You can pick from a variety of rainbow colored acrylic straws for all tumbler sizes. They are normally sold in a set of eight that can be used with a tumbler.

9.1.3 Black Drinking Straws

One pack can have a varying number of pieces. They are good for cocktails, fruit drinks and even frozen drinks. They can be presentable for a party decorated with neon lights that reflect upon them to give your presentation an awesome look

9.1.4 Flexible Drinking Straws

They are made from disposable plastics with a flexible top part that makes drinking much easier. They vary in length and diameter depending on the glass being used

9.1.5 Biodegradable Paper Straws

Liven up your table by using these straws made from food-safe papers that will not dissolve when immersed in juice for long

9.2 Reusable​ Straws

This is economical because you will not have to dispose of them when you are done. You can simply wash them either in a dishwasher of a special straw cleaning brush to maintain hygiene and get them ready for the next drink. Reusable straws are available in different sizes and materials that can be customized for various tumbler sizes

9.2.1 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Stainless steel drinking straws are designed to fit a person who wants stylish, non-toxic, and BPA-free eco-friendly straws.

They are ideal to give you a good cocktail setup or a smoothie session. They are made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel.

They are tough and durable which means you can use them more than once. The  straws are dishwasher safe and can be bought either straight or angled at the top for convenience.

Your choice is further made easy with a range of sizes in diameters and height. The good thing about stainless steel straws is that they do not rust.

9.2.2 Glass Straws

The good thing about this set of straws is that they can be used for both hot and cold drinks without leaving smoothies on the list. They are made from clear led free glasses that do not harbor any toxins. Glass straws can withstand shocks from falls.

They have well-rounded ends finish giving you a pleasant feel when using them. They also are available in different sizes and shapes. You can decide to go for the straight or the bent ones. They are dishwasher safe, and some are sold alongside a cleaning brush.

9.2.3 Silicone Drinking Straws

These are flexible and reusable straws made from high-quality food-grade silicone. They will give a good experience you will never think of plastic again. They are light in weight and unbreakable.

Although silicone may seem like a good alternative to plastic straws, you need to know that silicone is just a different form of high-quality plastic may leach undesired chemicals into your drink (especially when used in hot drinks). Silicone cannot be recycled and so it may pose a danger to your environment.

10. Juicer Filter Pack for Your Juicer Machine

To maintain your health, an extra line of caution may be necessary. Even the most hygienically prepared juice may pose a danger to you or prove to be unsafe especially if stored for later consumption.

They can be made as carbon filter and the UV filter. They each use a different mechanism when juice passes through them. The carbon filter has to be directly in touch with juicy content to work while the UV filter protects your fresh juice from exposure to direct sunlight, which may interfere with the nutritional makeup of your mix.

10.1 The Carbon Filter

Carbon Filters are the most common in the filtration business due to their effectiveness and simplicity. They have a layer of active carbon, which removes all contaminants when juice passes through it. Carbon filters have a reputation of removing even the smallest of bacteria. Their effectiveness also depends on how fine the filter has been made.

From their good work, you need to change the filters periodically on your juicer because they wear by accumulating waste that interferes with the filtration process. These are also the most common filters used in water and juice bottles.

10.2 The UV Filter

They are not as popular as the carbon ones, but they play a vital role in protecting your juice from the strong rays of the sun. They instead trap the strong ultraviolet light to destroy all viruses and bacteria. The good thing about them is that don’t interfere with the chemical and nutrient composition of your fresh fruit juice.

Therefore, you will still be able to enjoy the same flavor without, even after the filtration process. They are more effective in eliminating all bacteria and viruses that may be present in your fresh fruit and vegetable juice. The good news is that you can use both of these filters and you can be sure that your drink is safe wherever you are.

These are optional items to purchase depending on your needs. You will be lucky if your juicer comes with a built-in filtration process.

11. Juicer Bottle Cleaners

You can keep your juice bottle as clean as possible using various strategies at your disposal. Bottle cleaners come in different designs and shapes to fit the nature and design of your bottle. Some cleaning methods work for glass or plastics. You will also find one that can clean both glass and plastic beverage bottles.

Sometimes the dishwasher may not be as effective when you are dealing removable parts of a bottle. Some of these products or methods may be helpful.

12. Cleaning Tabs for Your Juicer Machine

They are in the form of dissolving balls or tabs that can be dropped into your bottle then you fill with water. This will initiate a chemical reaction, which is strong enough to clean the bottle interior by scrubbing grime and stains.

They contain non-toxic disinfectants, which help in wiping out bacteria that may be lodged on the bottle cap or lid. Different companies offer several brands in the market.

You can also do a DIY by mixing vinegar and baking soda and pour in a little water. The resulting reaction will at least get rid of bacteria that may be lining the walls of your bottle. Kindly note that you must rinse your juice bottle with soap after using the cleaning tabs to remove any remaining residues.

13. Cleaning Beads

These are very effective. You need to pour them into the juice bottle, add soap and water. Shake the mixture for the beads to work appropriately. After cleaning is done, rinse the bottle with clean water.

The cleaning pads are made of stainless steel and are re-usable. All you need to do is to wash the beads after every bottle cleaning.

14. Cleaning Brushes for Your Juicer Machine 

Several juicer machines are sold alongside their unique cleaning brushes. However, if you are unlucky not to have one, you may need a cleaning brush to reach those hard to reach spots. That is why you have brands like Saim handle cleaning brush, SKG cleaning brush, omega juicer cleaning brush, etc.

Using a brush makes bottle cleaning a very easy routine, though some bottle designs require that you use multiple brushes targeting different areas of the bottle.

Let us have a look at some cleaning brushes sold with either a juicer or a juice glass or bottle.

14.1 Saim Handle Cleaning Brushes

They are sold in one set containing four pieces. They are good for cleaning deep inside the bottle and the hard to reach spots such as the spout. You can also use them for cleaning your straws. They are made of a stainless steel handle and nylon bristles making them very durable.

14.2 Omega Juicer Cleaning Brush

Each Omega juicer series has its cleaning brushes matched with each model. This perfect bottle cleaner will reach all those hard to reach corners such the bottleneck.

14.3 SKG Cleaning Brush

SKG Cleaning brushes are available for both the wide and narrow chute masticating juicers. Though sold as a replacement part for masticating juicers, they can be a perfect choice for cleaning your juicer bottles because of their strong bristles and long handles.

15. Water and Beverage Bottles

Buying juice bottle means looking for a product that will keep your healthy drink safe and sealed from contamination while in storage. You can either go for the glass or plastic water bottles that are BPA free and made of durable plastic such as Copolyester. Concerning beverage bottles, the choices are endless.

 I will highlight some of the bottles that you may find interesting. If you are looking for a particular one that suits your interests, then you are free to explore our reviews on the best water and juice bottles.

15.1 Best Sports Water Bottle – 18oz Small – Eco-Friendly & BPA-Free Plastic

This bottle will rise to the occasion, whether you are an athlete, the office guy or just a healthy living enthusiast. Using this bottle guarantees proper hydration and a simple way to enjoy your favorite juice all day.

15.2 The Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle 24 Oz

When you are getting away from home for an outdoor sporting activity, you need a water bottle that can handle both your thirst and give you the opportunity to pour in your favorite smoothie. This bottle keeps the temperature of your cold drink for a long time

15.3 Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

This is the most popular water bottle made from Tritan material. It has been in the market for more than 20 years and still commands the shelves. The manufacturer assures you that it will not leach into your juice, water or any health drink.

15.4 Thermos intake 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle

The Tritan made rehydration water bottle is sturdy with a large water capacity. It can be used for healthy drinks and smoothies if they suit the occasion

15.5 Rubbermaid Refill, Reuse 20-Ounce Chug Bottle

This is a good choice for anyone who is looking for a bottle for a few friends and family. It comes in a pack of four with fancy colors to impress someone in case you are gifting him or her a bottle.

16. Juicer Replacement Parts

Do you need to fix a broken unit or you want to have a replacement part on hand in case your juicer breaks down? A juicer can let you down when least expected.

Therefore, you should have at least some of the most used spare parts in your kitchen to make sure the juicing does not stop because a part of your juicing machine has broken down.

You can either purchase them where you bought the juicer or at any reputable dealers who sell such as Omega replacement parts.


When buying replacement parts for your juicer, it does not necessarily mean that you are buying a faulty product that may fail you before enjoying the services of a juicer. Buying simply means you have accepted the fact that juicer being a machine can break down and you do not need the inconvenience of running up and down looking for a replacement

Some of these accessories can be cheaper when bought as bundled by the manufacturer as compared to shopping for the individual parts and accessories. Be careful to purchase the correct replacement part. If you buy a compatible replacement part, make sure that it fits well so that the functionality of your juicer is not compromised.