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After juicing, you prefer to drink your juice and ingest all of its fresh ingredients. However, most of us may prefer to extract enough juice and store it for later use. This requires you to make a decision on purchasing glass water bottles or beverage bottles to store your juicer because you cannot consume it directly from your juicer machine. 

As a result, we have different companies coming up with different types of water bottles. Glass water bottles give you the freedom to carry your juice or water and drink it later, or simply store it, so you save on time required to create new juice.

The Appropriateness of Glass Water Bottles

Non-reactive - Glass water bottles are so much in fashion because they will not react with chemicals or impurities that may be present in water to cause you any harm.

No funny odor - Glass water bottles do not leave behind a bad odor that is characteristic of plastic water bottles after several usages. Therefore, that means when you store your fresh juice in these bottles, nothing will interfere with its smell and taste. Using glass bottles gives you an assurance that the juice inside it is as pure, fresh, and has its natural flavor.

Reusable - Using these bottles means you do not contribute to waste disposal because your bottle is re-usable.

BPA free-BPA commonly referred to as Bisphenol A is a chemical commonly found in plastic. Although it makes plastic manageable during the manufacturing process, safety from its effects can only be guaranteed if BPA-free product like glass and stainless are used.

The best way to keep up with your body’s rehydration demands is to use a BPA free drinking vessel. Glass is pure and BPA free, this should be the number one reason why you need glass water bottles when taking and storing your drinking water.

No chemicals -Glass water bottles are not known to contain any harmful chemicals or support the build-up of any bacteria.

Types of Water Bottles

Look around and you will see hundreds of different types of water bottles. They all come in different sizes, shapes, and color. The decision to purchase relies entirely on the preference, the function, and safety. If you want something durable, strong and sturdy, then a glass water bottle made of silicon should be your best choice.

Another option relates to the quantity of fluid it can hold; you will pick the size depending how much juice you make. For example, if your family is big, you may need to get bigger storage bottles.

With the diverse factors, we will look at a selected sample that you can find at a shop near you. We will look at the uses, advantages, disadvantages and what factors you need to look at before or when buying.

1. Glass Water Bottles with Straws

Many glass water bottles with straws have the capacity to quench your thirst within seconds. They are the best alternative to the disposable plastic water bottle. They are a novelty because they a have a durable glass construction that does not disintegrate to contaminate the contents inside it.

This type of glass is normally held inside a patented silicone bottle sleeve that protects it from breakages against shocks or falls. The same silicone sleeve gives you a comfortable grip when holding the water bottle.

Filling these bottles has been made easy because of the wide mouth opening. You can also fit in ice cubes, cut pieces of fruit or blend of powdered drinks.

They have a straw cap that has been designed to be used in an upright manner. This is to make sure that no water spills out when using the bottle. You do not need to tip the bottle to take water from it. This is ideal for a person who wants to take water or juice on the go, especially in an aerobics class.

The straw caps are never fixed in one place; you can flip it to one side when drinking from the bottle. The handle makes it hassle free to carry your drink around. Glass water bottles with straw have the simplest cleaning method. It is possible to wash the sleeve and the bottle without separating the bottle from its sleeve.

Both the sleeve and the bottle are dishwasher friendly. The cap and the straw can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher. The cap and the bottles are BPA /BPS-free, and they have no polycarbonates, phthalates, or PVC. Therefore, no chemical reaction takes place inside the bottle when in contact with your juice.

The straw is made from medical grade silicone, which is durable and very flexible.


Ø Wide opening makes it easy to refill

Ø Does not form am older over repeated use

Ø Easy to drink from it because of the no tipping straw feature

Ø Silicone cover offers an easy grip

Ø The glass bottle is spill-proof

Ø BPA/BPS-free with no phthalates, PVC, or polycarbonates

Ø Dishwasher safe


Ø The cap may not be sealed off air, and this makes it hard during the sucking of contents

Ø The glass may break when not inside the sleeve

Ø Straws rumbles when drinking from it

2. Glass Water Bottles with Silicone

This type of reusable glass water bottle is sturdy and comes with a non-slip silicone sleeve. It has an airtight twist cap with a carry hook attached to it. Besides, it is re-usable and eco-friendly thus; you can store any juice or beverage in it.

They have just the right weight to be carried around and strong enough for everyday use. They have a wide mouth for a comfortable gulp. Besides, it has a distinctive ‘window’, which allows you to see how much juice is left in the glass.

You do not have to worry about washing these types of glasses because they are dishwasher safe. A glass water bottle with silicone is also spill-proof and available in different colors and sizes.


Ø Good grip because of the silicon grip

Ø No leaching or reacting with juice inside the glass water bottle

Ø Has a see-through window that shows the level of remaining beverage

Ø Easy to open and close

Ø No accidental spills

Ø The glass body is lead-free

Ø The bottle features an air tight cap

Ø It has an easy to carry loop for holding the bottle


Ø The mouth is too narrow compared to its peers

Ø The handle grip may be cumbersome to some people

Ø The handle loop fall over your chin when drinking from the bottle

Ø The bottle cap develops an odor after several washes (It does not completely dry)

3. Glass Water Bottles with Filters

Most of the contemporary glass water bottles come with filters. They are ideal for someone who travels across different regions and may not have access to reliable, clean water.

The ergonomic design gives a firm grip and makes it highly portable. They have a silicone holder that is supposed to protect it from breakage in case it falls. The silicone holder has two openings on either side to allow you to view the juice and its level.

The lid used to cover the bottle is well designed as it is quite solid and protects the spout made of medical grade silicone. A small flip lever has been put in place to allow you to tuck in the spout away when not using the bottle.

The filtration mechanism is designed to increase the water or juice flow rate by 35%, which means you do not have to wait for long before the drink reaches your throat. The filters found in these bottles use the patented Australian 4-stage filtration system using a PPF filter, calcium ionized clay, and silver activated carbon.

The filtration process does not interfere with the natural flavor of the juice inside. Activated carbon and ionized calcium are designed to reduce the effects of fluoride and eliminate chlorine and other contaminants present in water.

The filter needs to be changed at least twice a month or when an equivalent of 150 liters of water has passed through it. A glass water bottle with a filter is a real travel companion.

They also have a thick base that you can comfortably place it a cup holder or the bottle pouch on your bag. They are light in weight with or without a beverage, making it the perfect travel companion.


Ø Minimal beverage spillage

Ø Appropriate for travelers who frequently move from one place to another

Ø The filtration process does not interfere with water quality

Ø Using these bottles reduces the effects of fluoride

Ø Eliminates contaminants and other bacteria from water

Ø Has a silicon holder for cushioning the bottle from shock

Ø Light in weight for carrying around


Ø Cumbersome handling to first-timers users

Ø You need to tip the bottle to take water from it once the water goes below the filter

Ø The filter has to be changed regularly to maintain water purity

Ø The price of such bottles can be quite prohibitive

Ø May not be used for other beverages

4. Apana Glass Water Bottles with Silicone Sleeves

If you have ever wanted to get the real taste of juice, you will need to look for a glass bottle that does not add or remove anything from the liquid inside it. Apana glass water bottles are made from pure glass.

Glass material is used in the production of Apana water bottle has been annealed to add strength and durability. It is an essential bottle for anyone who is always on the go. The FDA has approved the production process the bottles go through. The silicon sleeve is food safe and offers protection and a comfortable grip when holding the bottle.

The base of the water bottle is three times thicker that an average water bottle, providing extra protection against impact. The cap of this bottle is leak-proof with a uniquely designed double wall for more protection.

This is a dishwasher friendly water bottle; you do not need to remove the sleeve to put it in a dishwasher. The Apana water bottle is 100% BPA free.


Ø The silicon sleeve offers a firm grip

Ø Annealed glass is 100% BPA free and does not retain any taste or odor

Ø Dishwasher safe

Ø Narrow spout for drinking on the go

Ø Lightweight hence highly portable

Ø Does not alter the natural flavor of water

Ø Support durable and strong bottle designs


Ø The straw keeps coming off the lid

Ø Leaks when placed on the side

Ø The flip may come off when opening

Ø The lid does not lock properly

The Best Glass Water Bottle

Chef's Star Glass Water Bottles

Are you looking forward to discarding your plastic or stainless steel bottle for a BPA-free glass bottle? Alternatively, you just need a new bottle to be your travel mate or go with to the gym.

Apart from saving money or buying water bottles now and then, you will also be taking care of your environment by using the best reusable glass water bottle.

When it comes to looking for the best water bottle, you will have to look at different factors that each bottle may present without forgetting the features of your personal preference and style. During selection, look at aspects like drinking ease, leakages, protection against shock, and the ease of cleaning.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Glass Water Bottle

While water bottles we are looking at are all made from glass, each has its strengths, weaknesses, and unique features to guide you in picking the best glass water bottle.

Some of the specific features for any water bottle include:

1. Capacity

Can it hold enough juice to satiate you? The size old bottle you need may be determined by how much water it can hold. Water bottle capacity also means you will have to look at other things such as its weight.

2. Reviews

Look at the bottle of interest and see what other people are saying about it. Look for objective and sensible reviews from real buyers of the product

3. Quality

What is their build regarding quality? Look for things like leak proof, presence of straws, or the quality of silicone protective sleeve

4. Ease of Use

Some glass water bottles are too specialized for an average user. Look for a bottle that was designed for a particular use. If you want just a regular water bottle, you do not need to go for a bottle designed specifically for cyclists, hikers, or people engaging in rough activities.

5. The Brand

The best glass water bottle cannot be the best if it is not an original brand. Be wary of knock-offs which look like the original product, but with substandard quality.


Obviously, glass water bottles are convenient not just for you, but they also make you an environment conscious person. The best way to stay hydrated any time of the day and at your convenience is through having a glass water bottle.

With many types already available in the market, assess your specific needs when buying the bottle. For example, the size and weight are paramount.

Are you looking for a bottle exclusively for water or one that can take in other beverages as well? The mode of storage also matters a lot, especially if you will be carrying the bottle in your bag. Choose a bottle that does not leak to safeguard other valuables in your bag.

The bottom line of having the best glass water bottle highly depends on personal preference and individual features that a bottle of choice may have.


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