Juice Fasting Recipes for Weight Loss: Cleanse and Detox Juice Plans

Fasting is a healthy process and a great opportunity for reflections and spiritual nourishment. During the fasting period, your body might lack some essential nutrients depending on the period of the fast.

However, you can still go through your fasting period and get the necessary nutrients to sustain you during the period. With a good juice diet plan for fasting, the following juice fasting recipes will keep you going and supply you with the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

Eight Juice Fasting Recipes for Amazing Results

1. Grapefruit Orange Juice Fasting Recipes

What you need:

Ø Two pieces of grapefruits already peeled.

Ø Two peeled oranges


Take the peeled ingredients and juice them. Serve immediately.


  • Grapefruit contains potassium nutrients that help in promoting nerves and muscle functioning.
  • They contain Vitamin C, which helps in healing wounds and maintaining bones and cartilage.
  • They contain vitamin A, which supports healthy vision and the immune system.
  • They are rich in carbohydrates which increase energy in the body.
  • They have calories; one cup of grapefruit and orange juice contains 208 calories and thus can be effective for those who wish to gain weight.​

2. Apple Beet Juice Recipe


Ø One beet

Ø Three apples


Peel off the apple and then prepare the beets properly. Juice them and serve.​

Benefits of the Juice

  • Apples are rich in Vitamin K and help the body use calcium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth.
  • Beet has high contents of folate known as Vitamin B9. Folate helps the body to grow and supports the immune and nervous systems.
  • Beet and Apple are both rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial in the body via collagen production, and keeps ligaments, blood vessels, skin, and tendons strong thus this contributes to the healing of wounds.

3. Carrot Spinach Celery Juice Fasting Recipes


Ø Four carrots

Ø A bunch of spinach

Ø Three celery stalks


​Take the carrots and remove the tops. Put carrots, spinach, and celery together in your juicer. Then serve immediately.


Ø Carrots, celery, and spinach are rich in vitamin C which helps in preventing diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

Ø They contain vitamin A, which guarantees healthy skin, eyes, and body tissues.

Ø Celery and carrots contain nutrients that support bone health since they are rich in Vitamin K.

4. Apple Grape Juice Fast Recipe


Ø Two apples

Ø One big cup of grapes


​Peel off the apples. Then put the grapes and apples in the juicer. Serve immediately.


Ø It is a cleansing agent and can be used to supplement a detox recipe.

Ø It helps arteries from clogging thus preventing heart diseases.

Ø Apple and grapes are rich in vitamin C and thus contribute to supporting the immune system.

Ø It helps to lower blood pressure

Ø It helps prevent kidney stones

Ø Grapefruit contain flavonoids, which help fight cancer

Ø It helps in losing weight

It is good for brain health

5. Carrot Celery Cucumber Juice Recipe

What You Need

Ø Three carrots

Ø Two sticks of celery

Ø Half piece of cucumber

Ø One small bunch of parsley


Ø Take the carrots and remove the tops.

Ø Cut the cucumber

Ø Juice them and serve immediately.


Ø Celery and cucumber are a source of copper that helps to promote the immune system and nerve function.

Ø Celery and cucumber are rich in Manganese. Manganese activates our bodies to produce proteins that are needed to form blood clots and synthesize hormones that are essential to reproductive health

Ø Celery and cucumber contain vitamin A, which promotes healthy vision.

Ø They contain calories, which keep one stay full without gaining weight.

Ø It helps prevent cancer diseases.

Ø It is good for skin and hair health

Ø It reduces inflammation

6. Apple Cranberry Pear Juice Fasting Recipes


Ø Two pieces of apples

Ø One cup of cranberries

Ø One pear


​Peel off the apple and the pear. Juice them and serve immediately.


Ø It helps prevent kidney, and bladder skin diseases.

Ø It helps prevent cancer.

Ø Cranberry contains Vitamin C nutrients, and has calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc, which are crucial in our bodies.

Ø It prevents cancer

Ø It prevents respiratory infections since it fights Haemophilus influenza

Ø It promotes healthy bones and teeth

Ø Pears are rich in fiber, and digestible calories, and it helps sustain healthy blood sugar levels.

Ø It helps in weight loss since apple, cranberry and pears have few calories

7. Carrot Beet Ginger Juice Recipe


Ø Four pieces of carrots

Ø One beet

Ø One small piece of ginger

Ø Half slice of lemon


Take carrots and remove the tops. Then cut the beets into four small pieces. Juice the carrots, beets, ginger, and lemon. Serve immediately.


Ø Carrots, beet, and ginger contain vitamins A and C, which help in promoting a healthy immune system.

Ø Helps in cancer protection

Ø Promotes healthy skin since they are rich in vitamin C

Ø Reduces the risks of heart and coronary diseases

Ø Helps to cleanse the body

8. Pineapple Kale Mint Juice Recipe


Ø Half piece skinned one pineapple

Ø Two pieces of kale leaves

Ø One handful of mint


Prepare the pineapple and remove the rind. Take half of the pineapple, kale, and mint, and juice them.


Ø It lowers blood pressure

Ø Pineapples contain antioxidants which help fight against free radicals

Ø Help in weight loss

Ø It’s good for brain health

Ø Promotes healthy skin since they are rich in vitamin C

Ø Prevents risks of cancer

Ø Prevents risks of heart disease

Ø Promotes proper digestion

Ø Pineapple and Kales contain Vitamin C, which helps in healing wounds and maintaining bones and cartilage.


Fruits and vegetable juices provide an excellent option for your food during your fasting period. Taking them will help sustain you all through without lacking nutrients and energy as you undertake your daily chores.

By trying the identified juice fasting recipes, you are guaranteed of a healthier and stronger body at the end of your fast. You can only do this by acquiring one of the top-rated juicers on the market for your daily juicing needs. Besides, you will be able take advantage of fresh juice recipes and boost your weight loss journey.