Jack Lalanne Power Juicer and Omega Juicer Parts and Accessories

We all desire to have properly functioning juicer machines that can serve us as long as we wish. However, they wear after some time thus requiring us to acquire the relevant replacement juicer parts.

The existence and availability of the parts can help us in cost-saving, especially on the need to acquire new juicers.  

Some of the popular replacement parts for your juicer include:

  1. Jack Lalanne Juicer Parts
  2. Champion Juicer Parts
  3. Breville Juicer Parts
  4. Omega Juicer Parts
  5. Fusion Juicer Parts
  6. Hurom Juicer Parts
  7. Bella Juicer Parts
  8. Hamilton Beach Juicer Parts

Mind that your selection and purchase will depend on the juicer that you currently have or the one that you wish to purchase. 


Jack Lalanne Juicer Replacement Parts

One of the factors the influences us when buying a certain product is the availability of replacement parts. For juicers like Jack Lalanne power juicer, these parts come in handy when some of the small detachable parts, when the fragile parts break down or the most active parts become worn out.

Some parts are also important when dismantling the juicer for cleaning. The following as some of the popular Jack Lalanne juicer parts that you will find yourself shopping for once in a while especially if you have had the juicer machine for long.

1. Juice Collector Separator Bowl Replacement Part

This important part aids you juicing experience by ensuring that the no juice is lost during collection. It is a genuine part of the manufacturer and available in both black and white colors.

Before ordering be sure to check your juicer’s model number it perfectly fits the juicer CL-003AP of the Power Juicers EXCEPT for the Express type.

2. Steel Blade for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

Although the manufacturer does not make it, you need this stainless steel blade for most of your Jack Lalanne juicers EXCEPT Power Juicer Express.

For the majority of the E models, you will have to modify how you install it before using. For instance, you might have to unmount the older blade and replacing it this new part.

Be careful when installing because the blade is sharp and could bruise your fingers, but this guarantees efficiency in juicing. Check out on How to clean Jack Lalanne power juicer to earn more.

 Moreover, remove the plastic covering carefully before mounting on the plastic under-part. You will be amazed at how easy it is to clean this blade and how the sharpness boosts your juice extraction process

3. Jack LaLanne’s Juicer Pulp Collector Bin

We all desire to juice without having our produce spewing off because of the faster motor action and a spoilt lid. The genuine part comes in white color and is appropriate for the Jack Lalanne power juicer CL-003AP model.

​4. Jack LaLanne’s Juicer Overflow Platform Base Tray

This is another important part of your Jack LaLanne’s CL-003AP model, which enhances your juicer cleaning experience.

Be sure to have clean kitchen countertop with this part as it conveniently stabilizes the juicer. It measures about 13 by 9 by 2 inches and weighs about 8 ounces.

​5. Jack Lalanne’s Replacement Pulp Collector & Pusher

This is made specifically for the Power Juicer. Be sure to confirm your model number before purchasing because it could be small and might not suit your needs. Avoid it if you have the Express Model.

​6. Jack Lalanne’s Crescent Tool & Pulp Collector

It is an ideal replacement part for various Jack Lalanne power juicer models such as CL003AP, MT1000, E1189, and E1188 EXCEPT the MT1020. This crescent part has a magnet to ensure that it does not get lost.  

However, the pulp collector is fragile and short, and the matter may spew out. In such a case, you might have to modify it by having additional support to raise it. Check out for Jack Lalanne power juicer elite review and Power Juicer Express review.

7. Pulp Collector & Blade for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

Just as described above, this pulp collector disadvantages the MT models and shorter for the Elite models.

If you truly need it, you will have to modify the base by raising it or cover the upper section to limit the possibility of the pulp messing your working areas. The blade is stainless and sharp. Be assured of maximum juice extraction because of the sharp edges.

8. Filter for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

This aftermarket filter is ideal for the majority of the juicers EXCEPT for the MT, CL model, and E-1189 Models. It is advisable that you confirm if the juicer model that you have will fit before ordering.

 It can be placed highly within the juicer because it is somewhat tight fitting although it is disadvantageous as it halts the spinning process. Nonetheless, you will enjoy reduced time spent in straining your juice just as you would using Aicok.

9. Stainless Steel Blade and Crescent Tool

This a combined package for various Jack Lalanne’s brands like Power Juicer Deluxe, PRO, and Classic. Other preferred models include CL003AP, E1188, E1189, and MT1000.

If you have problems fixing the blade, be sure to unscrew the old blade and replace with the new one. The functionality matches the original one, which might have rusted after years of usage.

10. Steel Blades for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

The package comes with two stainless blades ideal for all juicers including E1189 and other E models EXCEPT the MT1020. When replacing, just detach the old blade and mount the new one.

11. Crescent Tool for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

​This orange-colored crescent is ideal for the Classic, Pro, and Deluxe power juicers including models such as CL003AP, E1188, E1189, and MT1000. It is a handy tool when you have to detach your blade for washing.

If you do not have it yet, a piece of dishcloth could be helpful. The magnet feature helps in storage and ensures that you do not lose this small yet important part of your juicer cleaning process. It also helps in lifting the blade.

​​​​​Omega Juicer Parts

1. Omega 4 Pack of 3/4″ Diameter Shelf Clips

Your juicing unit will definitely require shelf-clips. Omega juicing unit comes with shelf clips installed. However, this may not remain intact for a long time. The shelf clips may get loose and fall off hence compromising the state of your juicing unit.

At this point, you will require replacement. Omega has replacement shelf clips that work just like the original ones. The clips are meant to ensure that your juicing shelf regains its original posture and firmness. They work just like the clips that came with the unit.

The clips are made of unique plastic that cannot break or loosen easily. Durability is therefore assured to the user. The clips are also strong enough to withstand considerable weight.

The installation process of these clips is extremely easy. In a matter of minutes, you will have installed the clips hence restoring the original state of your unit.

It is important to ensure that the clips are installed as advised. This is to keep the unit as firm as possible.  The clips work on almost all juicing units. They feature a diameter of ¾ hence ideal for all juicing units that match the measurement.

2. Omega 8006 Juicer End Cap Replacement Part for Drum Units

If your juicer is leaking through the cap, Omega 8000 Juicer end Cap is the replacement that could work well for you. It is designed for several models including 8003, 8004, 8005, and 8006. This means that any drum version aligned to the aforementioned models will work just fine.

This replacement juicer cap is highly authentic just like that of a new juicer. In this regard, the user is guaranteed flawless functionality of the juicer due to precision fitting.

The cap end comes with an already installed rubber gasket. This is meant to offer maximum tightness on the cap hence reducing chances of leakage.

The reason behind the development of this juicer accessory was to solve leakage problems among Omega Juicer users. This is why the primary role of the end cap is observed.

If you are color conscious, then you might be interested to know that this cap is black. It would be a great idea to maintain the element of consistency and uniformity in your juicer by ensuring color match.

3. Omega 8006 Juicer Replacement Bowl Set: Clear Containers Cup

It is possible that your juicer collection bowl is broken and you are looking for replacement. Nonetheless, you should be on the lookout for original and reliable bowl.

Omega 8006 Juicer Replacement Bowl could work well for you. This comes as a set of 2 bowls made of high quality plastic.

The original makers of Omega Juicers manufacture the bowls. As such, you are assured of maximum quality and authenticity. Hygiene is highly observed by the manufacturer of these bowls.

They are made of clear plastic hence making it easy for the user to trace impurities or dirt. They are also very easy to clean. All these aspects are meant to provide the user with top hygiene.

The clear nature of the plastic bowls also works ideally in letting the user know the level of the juice. This works well in limiting chances of overflow when the bowl hits its capacity.

Considering that you will have two bowls, it becomes possible to blend enough juice for your family. The plastic bowls can even be used to store juice in the refrigerator without breaking or compromising hygiene.

4. Omega 8006 Plunger Pusher Stick  for Single Auger: Rubber Gasket Tamper

For one reason or another, the plunger pusher stick of your juicer could be in a poor condition, hence demanding replacement. In that case, Omega 8006 Plunger Pusher Stick can work well for you.

It is specifically designed for the 8006 model. However, the same plunger pusher can work for other models including 8003, 8004, and 8005.

To facilitate efficient functionality, this plunger pusher stick matches the specifications of the one that originally came with your juicer. In other words, the plunger pusher stick is highly authentic. The user is therefore assured of renewed and original functionality of the juicer in question upon installation of this accessory.

In terms of fitness, the juicer part matches well with the aforementioned juicer models. This further provides an assurance of flawless functionality of the juicer.

It might interest you to know that this accessory comes with a rubber gasket tamper just to ensure firmness and tightness upon installation. Any form of leakage is therefore prevented with the help of the rubber gasket.

The user can also clean or replace the plunger pusher easily because the installation and removal process is easy even for new users.

5. Omega 8006 UPGRADE #2 Drum Unit Juicer Nutrition Center

Omega 80006 Upgrade #2 comes as a stronger drum unit for omega juicers. It is specifically designed for 8003, 8004, 8005, and 8006 models. Other models do not work with this drum unit.

The material used in making this drum unit is not only hygienic but also strong enough. It can be cleaned with maximum ease using the recommended brush.

Besides, the drum unit hardly stains hence granting the user maximum convenience when cleaning. The same material does not break easily. It can pressure without breaking or denaturing.

This is an original product from Omega. In this regard, your juicer will work just as it originally used to. All you need is to remove the old drum unit and replace it with this one. It works just as it should.

 The installation process of the juicing drum unit is easy. In just a few clear steps, the installation procedure will be done and the juicer will be back to normal.

It is recommended that you ensure that the drum unit is positioned and installed in the right way to avoid possible flaws when juicing. It has to be put in position.

6. Omega Filter Pack for Juicers 1000 and 9000

The Omega Filter Pack comes as a pack of 200 filters. The main role of the filters is to ensure that your juice comes out with no impurities and large particles. In addition, the filter aids in ensuring easy cleaning process. It is always necessary to keep your juicer clean hence the need to have such filters in plenty.

These filters are designed for 1000 and 9000 juicer models. Other models aside from the mentioned may not work well with the filters due to the size factor. When installed in the right way, the filters perform extremely well.

The filters are biodegradable and non-bleached. This is an assurance of top hygiene for the user. They do not have the capacity to instigate chemical reactions even when in direct contact with your juice. 

The manufacturer of the filters values hygiene and that is why safety is accounted for when using these filters. The quality of the filters is high enough. They are not only durable but also effective in their respective roles.

With a pack of 200 filters, you can be assured of a long span of service. It is recommended that you change the filters occasionally but only after wearing out.

7. Omega Juicer 8003-8006 Blank for Making Nut Butter

Omega Juicer Blank is an original Blank made by Omega. It is a perfect replacement of the omega juicers Blanks. For the purpose of convenience and ease of use, the manufacturer designed this Blank in such a way that it can work with different models. Users of 8003, 8004, 8005, and 8006 juicer models can confidently purchase this replacement blank with the assurance of perfect functionality.

The quality aspect of this accessory is highly observed by the manufacturer. Considering that the Blank is made by Omega, the manufacturer of the juicer, quality is expected to be high. This implies that the user will take a considerably long duration before seeking new replacement of the part.

While the manufacturer of the Blank specified its role as making nut butter, other roles can be achieved using the same. The blank can be used in making frozen fruit sorbet, vegetable blend, and banana juice. It is therefore a multipurpose accessory for your juicer.

 The Blank also fits perfectly in the aforementioned models. As a result, users conveniently perform the respective role without experiencing leakage. The sharp edge is also highly effective in performing different roles

8. Omega Juicer Cleaning Brush  with HD Bristles

Masticating juicers replacement cleaner, 8006, VRT, 8004, 8003, , VRT350 and VRT330.

Keeping your juicer clean is always a necessity. After all, you are dealing with consumables hence the need to observe hygiene. If your Cleaning Brush is old, then a replacement will definitely be required. Old cleaning brushes tend to be ineffective in performing their roles hence compromising hygiene.

The replacement part works ideally for almost all juicers. However, the manufacturer specifies that it should be used on 8006, VRT, 8004, 8003, VERT, VRT350, VRT330. With the aforementioned models, you can easily engage in thorough cleaning.

The brush comes with sturdy yet tender bristles. This is to ensure thorough cleaning while limiting any form of damage. The long handle of the brush provides the user with utmost convenience even in reaching the furthest parts of the juicer.

The brush is washable as well. Once done cleaning your juicer, you can wash the brush. It comes with a hole on the handle to allow the user hang it after cleaning. This aspect is an indication that the brush can be reused. It is highly durable hence with the capacity to serve you for a long duration.

9. Omega Juicer Feet Rubber Replacement Foot Ring Part

The feet rubber ring in any juicer is important. It plays the role of guarding the pulp ejector and limiting leakages during the juicing action. If your feet rubber ring is worn out, then you might want to consider replacement.

Omega Juicer Feet rubber replacement ring works ideally for several models of this brand. Some key models that go well with the ring include 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, and 9000. It fits perfectly well on the said models hence assuring the user high juicing effectiveness.

The rubber foot ring is very easy to install since it comes with simple features. You can easily remove the old one and replace with a new foot rubber ring in a matter of seconds. The ring is also easy to clean since it is made of rubber. It is recommended that you clean the ring often to avoid molding.

The rubber ring is originally made by Omega, hence assuring you maximum authenticity. It is more of a replica of the rubber foot ring that comes with the juicer. Its functionality is highly effective during juicing. The user is spared the trouble of leakages when juicing.

10. Omega Replacement Auger for 8006 & 8004: Single Gear Juicers

If your juicer falls under the 8006 and Omega J8008C Nutrition Center, then this Replacement Auger accessory could work just fine for you.

It is designed to work with the aforementioned models. It is a genuine Omega part hence the user is guaranteed of flawless functionality of his/her juicer upon installation.

In terms of quality, this replacement auger is on the higher side. It is designed to last for a long time without denaturing. You are therefore assured of awesome functionality of your juicer for a long time.

While the pricing of this replacement auger may seem rather high, the level of quality justifies everything.

With precision fitting in your juicer, it becomes easy to blend and juice different substances. The user can blend carrots, ginger, lemon, apple, kale, and even more all together. This is made possible since the replacement auger not only fits perfectly in your juicer but also offers enhanced blending power. It is recommended that the user should consider using the plunger that comes with this replacement auger. This ensures perfect and flawless juicing. The plunger is specifically designed to work with the replacement auger hence the need to use just that.

11. Omega Shredder Blade for 9000/1000 Models

For thoroughness in juicing, the shredder has to be in the right condition. Over time, you might be compelled to replace your juicer shredder with a new one. Maintaining the original functionality of your juicer should be your prime mission. The Shredder Blade is the ideal replacement blade for your juicer. It is an authentic blade from the manufacturers.

The shredder has been tested and confirmed to be highly effective in shredding large pieces of fruits and vegetables. This is made possible by the sharp blade. With a large diameter of 4 7/16 inches, the blade is able to cut through easily. Precision shredding is highly assured.

This blade is limited to two key models of Omega, which are 1000 and 9000. In this regard, other models of Omega may not work well with this shredder.

The top quality stainless steel used in making this blade not only assures the user high efficiency but also hygiene. It cannot be easily stained. It also maintains sharpness for a long duration.

The user can easily clean this blade. It can easily installed and uninstalled in case a replacement is required. Besides, it fits perfectly well on the respective models hence reducing chances of malfunctioning.

12. Omega VERT Juicer GE Ultem Replacement Auger

Omega VERT Juicer Auger comes as an ideal replacement auger for several Omega juicers including VRT330, VRT330HD, VRT350HD, and VRT400, Hurom HU-100, and Hurom HH. It is therefore versatile enough for Omega lovers.

The auger is made by Omega, the manufacturer. It is therefore guaranteed that the auger will fit and work perfectly with its respective juicers. It fits well on all the aforementioned models hence offering a flawless juicing experience.


The quality of this auger is on the higher side. In other words, the user is not only assured flawless operation but also durability. It has the capacity to serve for a long time before replacement.

The strength of this auger is indisputable. It is actually 8 times stronger as compared to the Ultem Auger. With such strength, it becomes an easy experience blending components and creating juice. Thoroughness is highly assured as long as this auger is opted for.

The process of installation is rather easy for any user. It takes just a few seconds to have the auger installed. Considering that the auger matches your omega model, you are assured of tightness once the installation is done. Disassembly is equally easy.

12. Omega VRT Fine Screen Juicing 330 350 400 Juicer Amber

Fine juicing is always ideal for any person including children. You will most likely require a Fine Screen Juicing accessory in your juicer. If you are looking for replacement, then you should consider Omega VRT Fine Screen Juicing.

It is necessary to note that this screen is meant for the newer VRT330 models. In this regard, the screen may not work ideally with the older VRT330 models. Other models that the screen can work perfectly with include VRT340 and VRT400. It fits perfectly on the said models.

Its size may not fit well in VRT 350. You should therefore consider getting another screen if you are working with the said model.

It is amber in color. This is not meant to complement its appearance but to also convenient during cleaning and to uphold hygiene. The screen also provides precision operation for the juicer. You are assured of fine blending of any juice of your choice.

The filter is made by Omega and its authenticity is guaranteed. In fact, it works better than the original filter. You are therefore assured of even better functionality of your juicer upon purchasing this replacement.

13. Replacement Plunger for Model 4000 Pulp Ejector

If you are looking for a genuine plunger for your Omega juicer, replacement plunger by omega could work well for you. It is made by Omega hence ideal for a matching the juicer. It works particularly with the 4000 model. It is a genuine replacement hence you are assured of the original performance of your juicer upon installation.

The installation process of this plunger is not complicated at all. The user is guaranteed quick and friendly process of installation. It takes just a short moment to have the plunger in place. Disassembly also takes a very short duration. It is user friendly.

The plunger is made of strong plastic that hardly breaks. This comes as a mark of durability for the user. Besides, the plastic is easily cleaned. Cleanliness is assured as long as the plastic plunger is cleaned often. Not to mention, the plunger is environmental friendly and with no capacity to react with your juice.

The plunger fits squarely on the 4000 model . This is to ensure that the juicing process is not affected due to looseness. As long as the plunger is installed perfectly, then you are assured of an awesome juicing experience and effectiveness.

14. Replacement Spring Clutch Nut for Omega Juicer 4000

The blade of any juicer must be held in position. The Spring Clutch Nut facilitates this. Over time, you might realize that the spring clutch nut is getting loose hence not holding the blade in position. This may amount to ineffectiveness when juicing. In such a case, you will need replacement. Omega juicers have a replacement clutch nut in the market.

The clutch nut is sold as one piece. This means that if you want several, then you must budget for each one of them. The role of the clutch nut is to keep the blade floating and in the right position. It ensures that the blade shreds fruits and other juice substances to precision.

The nut is made of stainless steel to ensure that no rusting comes because of the exposure to wetness. It also does not hold permanent stains. This spares your juice any impurities. It is also easy to clean. The nut is designed for the 4000 model. It may not fit well on other blenders due to its size. The installation process is as easy as tightening the nut. This can be done by hand.Premium WordPress Themes DownloadDownload Best WordPress Themes Free DownloadDownload Premium WordPress Themes FreeDownload Best WordPress Themes Free Downloadlynda course free downloaddownload lava firmwareCategories Replacement partsPost navigationEasy To Clean Multi-Function Juice MachinesSeven-Day Juice Diet Plans for Weight Loss, Fasting, and Cleansing