Simple Fresh Juice Recipes: Fruit and Vegetable Combinations for Home Juicing

Taking fresh juices will help your body get the necessary vitamins and minerals. The juice will also keep you hydrated as you carry out your daily chores.

To get the best out of your fruits, you can experiment with a fresh juice recipe of your liking as identified here or even come up with a daily plan.

You can serve your family the juices every morning during breakfast or just before dinner. If you are bored or just stuck with one type of juice recipe, you don’t have to be anymore. Here are different fresh juice recipes for you to try out for instant 7-day juice fast results;

1. Apple Juice Recipe


Ø Lowers cholesterol levels

Ø Good for the skin

Ø Strengthens the immune system.


Ø Two beetroots

Ø Two carrots

Ø Three green apples

Wash all the ingredients; peel the carrots and the beetroots. Dice them. Cut the apples into smaller pieces and toss in your juicer. Allow mixing for up to three minutes using the slow power knob. Serve when ready

2. Cucumber Apple Juice


Ø Regulates blood pressure

Ø Helps tighten the skin for a youthful look

Ø Help prevent swelling in pregnant women

Ø Helps with gum and teeth problems

What do you need?

Ø Three large cucumbers

Ø Two apples

Peel the cucumbers and cut into small pieces. Wash the apples and dice. Place them in your juicer and allow mixing for three minutes or until ready. Serve chilled.

3. Orange Juice Recipe


Ø It will flood your body with vitamins a, B1, B2, B6, C and E that are instrumental in improving various body functions including the eyesight, digestion and immunity.

Ø The juice will avail all 18 vital amino acids into your system thus foster uniformed growth and development of all organs and tissues.

Ø Introduce valuable electrolytes, which stimulate the body’s response mechanisms including the nervous system, skin and hearing.

Ø The acids contained in the juice including folic, pantothenic and citric acids harmonize the pH of the blood and kill off harmful microorganisms in the body.

Ø Source of folic acid


Ø 4 oranges

Ø Two apples

Wash the oranges and remove the peels. Wash the apples and dice into small pieces. Toss in the juicer. Serve when ready.

4. Carrot Beet Juice Recipe


Ø Beta-carotene for god night vision and skin texture

Ø Good source of vitamin C and K

Ø Blood pressure management

Ø Fosters digestion when chia seeds are added


Ø Three large carrots

Ø Two beetroots

Ø Chia seeds for textural/fiber enhancement

Wash the produce and place them in your juicer. Add chia seeds. Juice them for three minutes and enjoy the drink.

5. Pumpkin Juice Recipe


Ø Improves digestion

Ø Boosts better sleep

Ø Reduces nausea especially in pregnant women

Ø Regulates blood sugar

Ø Rich in Vitamin A and C. A good source of Magnesium, and Potassium


Ø A cup of apple cider

Ø Two pieces fresh ginger, (2″) sliced

Ø 2 cinnamon sticks

Ø One teaspoon whole cloves

Ø A cup honey

Ø A cup pumpkin puree

Pour the apple cider into a mixing bowl add grated, cinnamon ginger and cloves. Mix them thoroughly and add the honey plus the pumpkin puree. Place them in your juicer and allow mixing for five minutes or until ready. Serve chilled.

6. Mango Blueberry Smoothie Recipe


Ø The juice is a rich source of proteins that foster healthy growth and development of various body organs, tissues and structures.

Ø The minerals in the juice are efficient catalysts to commendable development of brain cells.

Ø This juice is a tasty addition to any diet. You can even take it as a dessert or lunch-break snack.

What Do You Need?

Ø Two mangoes

Ø Half a cup of blueberries

Ø Two frozen bananas

Ø A cup of almond milk

Prepare all the ingredients accordingly and puree them in your blender or juicer until ready. Serve with some ice cubes

7. Mint Cocktail Juice Recipe


Ø This sweet-tasting juice contains a host of useful minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron among others.

Ø Rich in several vitamins including B2, C and E: it is a strong boost to your immune system.

Ø This juice will also flood your body with commendable energy levels to help you discharge various functions efficiently.


Ø For the juice you need;

Ø Two clean and chopped apples

Ø Two fresh and chopped oranges. Remember to peel them

Ø A cup of fresh pineapple juice

Ø One clean lemon. Peel and chop

Ø A cup of clean mint leaves

Start with the apple and oranges. Juice them for two minutes. Add the lemon and the pineapple juice. Continue juicing for a mint. Add the rest of the ingredients and juice for two minutes. Serve and enjoy your detox juice cleanse.

8. Mixed Berries Juice Recipe


Rich in a host of vitamins and proteins that are instrumental in mental development, growth and development of various organs

Improves the response of the body to diverse stimuli like pain, heat and cold.


Ø One cup blueberries

Ø One cup blackberries

Ø Half a cup cherries

Ø Two small ripe bananas

Ø A cup of almond milk

Ø A tsp of honey

Ø A pinch of cinnamon powder

Blend all the Ingredients using the slow power knob for three minutes or until ready. Serve with a straw

9. Melon Juice Recipe


Ø Containing rich deposits of vitamins and minerals to improve your digestion but body’s immune system.

Ø Introduces lovable levels of water in your body to ease processes like digestion, nutrient assimilation, excretion and respiration.


Ø Three cups of watermelon chunks

Ø Two cups of cantaloupe cubes

Ø A cup of honeydew melons

Ø Half a cup of frozen strawberries

Place all the ingredients in your juicer or blender. Mix them for three or four minutes. Serve when ready.

10. Tropical Blast Juice Recipe


Ø Tropical blast juice mix is not only a delicious-tasting fresh drink but also a nutrition powerhouse rich in several minerals that foster lovesome body and mental health.

Ø The juice contains vitamins, which improve your body’s immunity against infections.


Ø Two bananas

Ø Two tablespoons of cocoa powder

Ø Handful of Goji berries

Ø A spoon of raw honey

Ø Coconut water

Add all the ingredients in your juicer and extract/blend for two minutes

11. Bean Extract


Ø Introduction of various proteins into your body, which help in growth and development of various organs and tissues.

Ø Rich in several beneficial bacteria. This juice mix will not only aid in digestion and assimilation of other food supplements but also help in combating harmful pathogens in the body thus prevent infections.

Ø The minerals herein are huge boosters to mental health.

What do you need?

Ø Six large strawberries

Ø Half a cup of precooked chickpeas

Ø Half a cup of unsweetened almond milk

Ø Five drops of vanilla extract

Ø Two teaspoons of coconut milk

Ø A drop of liquid stevia

Place all the ingredients in your juicer. Puree for two minutes or until ready. Serve with a straw.

12. Almond Supreme Juice Recipe


Ø Almond supreme juice introduces several vitamins into your bloodstream including vitamin K, which improves the body’s immunity against infection-causing pathogens.

Ø Replete with minerals like iron and potassium, this juice is instrumental in improving several body functions like eyesight, muscle, organ, and bone development.

Ø Piquing the body’s energy reserves so it can effectively handle its various functions including digestion, excretion and homeostasis.


Ø A cup of spinach

Ø Two tablespoons of butter

Ø Three dates. Be sure to remove the pits

Ø Two ripe bananas

Ø A cup of almond milk

Place them in your juicer and mix for three minutes or until ready

13. Digestive Delight Juice Recipe


Ø The juice is an excellent source of dietary fiber and will aid bowel movements

Ø Pawpaw contains papain and chymopapain enzymes that help break down proteins in the digestive system.

Ø The juice is a rich source of antioxidants that combat infections like cancer growth and prevents tissue inflammation.


Ø A cup of raw collards

Ø Half a cup of pawpaw

Ø Two apples

Ø One orange

Ø A pinch of cinnamon

Ø A peeled and diced lemon

Ø Three fresh peppermint leaves

Ø A teaspoon of Chia seeds

Ø Half a teaspoon of flax seeds

Ø Half a cup of clean water

Add all the ingredients in your juicer in no sequence and allow mixing for three minutes. Supplement with your vegetable juice for diabetes and you will get perfect results

14. Red Juice Recipe


Ø Improvement of eyesight health by vitamin A contained therein.

Ø The juice is instrumental in fostering the development of the immune system owing to its rich mineral and vitamin deposits.

Ø Improves digestion and bowel movements as it has commendable dietary fiber content.


Ø Two large carrots

Ø Two teaspoons of garlic juice

Ø Two red bell peppers

Ø A cup of cherry tomato juice

Ø A cup of lemon juice

Ø Grated horseradish root

Mix all the ingredients in your juicer and give it three minutes. Serve with lemon wedges.

15. Peach Juice


Ø Intake of peach juice will assuredly flood your body cells with enviable energy levels to help your body go through various functions and duties without strain.

Ø The sweet farm fresh energy drink can be consumed leisurely during snack time.


Ø Two cups of water

Ø Two cups chunks of watermelon

Ø Peach nectar

Ø Half a cup of lemon juice

Ø Two tablespoons of ginger juice

Ø Three tablespoons of honey

Combine all the ingredients and mix them in your juicer machine. Allow mixing for three minutes. Serve with ice cubes.

16. Melon Green Juice


Ø This juice is a ‘vitamin powerhouse.’ It’ll help to improve your immunity against infections.

Ø The vitamins contained herein will also promote various metabolic functions like the kidney and liver to give you an overall healthy and comfortable living.

Ø You can also expect your body produce sufficient blood cells after consuming the juice.

What do you need?

Ø Two cucumbers

Ø A bunch of spinach

Ø Five leaves mint leaves

Ø A cup of diced cantaloupe

Ø Half a cup of cubed watermelon

Ø Handful of chia seeds

Wash the cucumber spinach and the mint leaves. Pass all the ingredients through your juicer until ready. Serve and enjoy

17. Honeydew Green Juice Recipe


Ø It contains rich potassium deposits that help in improving muscle movements and cardiovascular health.

Ø The juice is a rich source of vitamins like B1, B2, B6 and C, which improve body functions like digestion, and assimilation of nutrients.

Ø This juice will also introduce commendable water content into your system to aid in digestion and ejection of toxins.


Ø One Zucchini

Ø A cup of watercress

Ø Five stalks of celery

Ø Four stems of cilantro

Ø Two cups of cubed honeydew melon

Wash the Zucchini, watercress, cilantro and the celery. Pass all the ingredients through your juicer until ready. Serve and enjoy.

18. Peach Green Juice


Ø The juice infuses valuable vitamins that improve the immune system

Ø Present several beneficial minerals that strengthen your bones and prevent infections.

Ø The delicious juice that will flood your whole system with enviable energy to revitalize your body.


Ø Two cucumbers

Ø Two peaches

Ø Three bunches of spinach

Ø Mint leaves

Ø Two pieces of ginger roots

Ø A cup of pineapple juice

Wash the cucumber, the peach, spinach ginger roots and the mint leaves. Cut the peaches and place them in the juicer. Add the rest of the ingredients. Allow mixing for three minutes or until ready.

Final Comments​

Use these simple juice recipes and live a healthy lifestyle. To make your juicing process better, you will require a top-rated juicer. Some of our selected brands include Omega Slow juicer Samson juicer, Sage Nutri juicer, Kuvings whole slow juicer among others. 

With all requirements and juicing machine in place, you can be sure of making the best fruit and vegetable juice recipes for weight loss. Do you that you can use the left overs from your activity for something else? Get awesome ideas for fruit pulp recipes after drinking you juice.